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6.1 Conclusion

Hello, and welcome back for the last time to the advanced resetting techniques course. I'm Les and this is lesson 19, the conclusion. First of all, thank you ever so much for joining in with this course, and I hope you enjoyed the journey. The main goal from this course was to learn patience and the skills required to make an effective image. Compositing and retouching is all about determination and discipline, just like anything you do in any profession you draw yourself into. A professional learns his trade, they start with the basic, and they work their way up. That's how it works. So if you followed the course, you'll notice I'm repeating a lot of techniques. I'm reusing objects such as leaves and plants over and over again. That is where you need to discipline yourself. It can get quite laborious if you don't like the work. So you need to put in the hard work to get out a great result. I want to show you that it is possible to create effective, professional imagery in one program, which you all can use and download. The main thing you should get from this course is a desire to create more. If you finish this course, I hope you feel that a sense of achievement. And then you want to create your own work, whether it be for yourself or your clients. In the course we learn multiple techniques from using the pop up work to make effective wrappable trunks around our bottle, to using adjustment layers to change colors and exposures of plants. There is one bit of advice I would give you after completing this course and that's immediately after, try your own project and use some of the techniques used in the course and incorporate them into it. If you have any of your own techniques then please use as well. If you can create something from scratch that looks as effective or better than the image that we created, you truly achieved something great. But, don't try and do Earth as the same as this course image. Do something completely different. That's what it's all about. If you think that your image didn't come out as well as you'd hoped or doesn't look anything like the course final image, don't worry at all. Some people work at different rates and they get inspiration halfway through a course. That's completely fine. And it looks completely different but still looks good, then you've done the great job. Success is measured by your end progress. If, after the course, you know a little bit more, then that's all that matters. Progress takes time, and you can't remember everything from a course. If you take away most of it or some of it, then that's success to me, as an instructor. So, once again I want to thank you for joining in with this big course and I hope you enjoyed it. So, for the last time, my name is Lewis Morehead, and good luck with your future in retouching and design.

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