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5.1 Conclusion

This is the final lesson of the course and includes some parting words of encouragement and final thoughts.

5.1 Conclusion

Hey everybody, it's Kurk Nelson here one more time. I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for watching this course. It's my sincere hope that the techniques that I've shown you here contribute to increasing the level of your digital artwork substantially. Now my goal for this course is the same for all of my courses. To inspire you to learn and grow as a digital artist. If your final project didn't come out looking exactly like mine, that's okay. The point of this course is to learn the tools and techniques and so if you've learned those and you've grown even a small way as a digital artist then I count this as a success and I think you should too. I also wanna mention that if you're interested in expanding your skills even further, take a look at the other Photoshop courses I've taught here at Tuts Plus. And with that, this is Kurk Nelson signing off.

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