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Would You Like to Integrate Your iPad or iPhone Into Your Photoshop Workflow?

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In a post earlier today on Mac Rumors, author Eric Slivka discusses how Adobe is trying to involve the iPad and other tablet devices into the workflows of Photoshop users. John Nack also offers a bit more information on his blog.

Building on that feedback, the company has now taken its first steps in that direction, as evidenced by a pair of brief demos at last week's Adobe MAX conference in which Adobe Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch showed off the company's content-aware fill tool running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a color-mixing paint palette application running on an iPad.

While their plans seem to be in the early stages, this begs the question; would you like to incorporate your tablet device into your Photoshop workflow? Do you think a tablet device that doesn’t include pressure sensitivity like a Wacom tablet would really be that useful?

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