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Vectortuts+ is all about helping people turbo charge their skills, and today we have another special community post that will help our readers take their images to the next level. The best thing is, you can be part of it too! Find out more at the jump.

How to Participate:

  • This workshop contributor has offered a piece of work that they would like help with, please keep this in mind when you share your thoughts. The images are not perfect, but they can be with the right advice and some friendly encouragement. (Vectortuts+ reserves the right to delete any rude comments)
  • If you're better with pictures (let's face it, most of us are) feel free to take a screenshot of the image using Little Snapper, Skitch or a similar program and paste a link to the annotated image in the comments section with an explanation of the tweaks.

If you want to take part in the next Vectortuts+ Workshop:

Add your work to our facebook photo gallery or submit it via the Tuts+ Workshop form, with a description about the piece and the help/advice you're looking for. We will chose one to be published on our site as part of the next Vectortuts+ Workshop, if you're not chosen straight away - don't worry - your work will be chosen for a future session.

Designer: Dmiriy Ivanov


"Hello everyone. I'm 22 years old and I'm from Ukraine. I'm a musician and I like Tees from my favourite bands such as Asking Alexadria. So I wanted to draw something for my band. Without skills in drawing I began to learn Illustrator and PS. I didn't know from what to start. So this were my first steps. It was hard and exciting, by using only Pen Tool I drew my first graphic. Now I really like Glenn Jones tees and graphics and trying to draw in this way. Now I'm thinking about getting some professional skills, I want to work in some Graphics Studio, to level up my skills.

I like brutal pics for Tees and I wanted to express some emotions of hard music. Also I like to draw some funny pics and characters.

If you like my design just visit my deviantART page to see other works."


What are your thoughts on the work above? Critiquing work helps the artist see new possibilities, and it also helps you learn to evaluate art, which will help you take that same analysis and apply it to your own work. Participate in the comments below with your opinions on how to improve the work above.

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