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Workshop: Custom Character Jam 2, Final Round!

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Vectortuts+ loves Illustration and discovering new talent, so today we are proud to be showcasing the final round of the Vectortuts+ Custom Character Jam 2. Check it out at the jump!

Design a Vectortuts+ Custom Character, First and Final Round!

The designs are posted in no particular order, but we think we should start by having a vector party with Alex! Great work everyone, it's been fun to see what you've come up with.

Thankyou to everyone who participated, if you have custom designs you want to showcase, you can still add them to our facebook group!

Alex Pylov
"Hey, Vectortuts! Time for Vector Party :)"

Dennis Park
"My submission for Character Jam 2 is...turtle-like. Like most of my work, it just sort of evolved from a simple sketch. I'm an aspiring designer with a recent fascination for all things vector. This piece is representin' all my Inkscape homies. Please to enjoy!"

Alex Hartwell

"My name is Alex Hartwell and I am currently a sophomore studying Illustration at Pratt Institute. My tumblr is alexhartwell.tumblr.com and my deviantart is asktb93.deviantart.com (although it isn't as recent or used as much)

This is my piece for the Character Jam, it is a piece that I've been thinking about for a while, but never actually started. The template reminded me of it so I made a quick sketch and went for it! It is an illustration based on the of Montreal song Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games, to me the song had this irresistible happiness that it created with it and I imagined a machine stomping around creating happiness, trees, grass, etc from sand, concrete, and other dead things wherever it stepped."

Alena Zyskina

Louise Tanasa

Dan Phillips

"My Character Jam 2 submission! Not sure how ended up with a VectorTuts+ themed pin cushion, but it was fun getting there lol.

My name is Dan Phillips and I am a freelance designer and illustrator from Portland, OR. Design and art is simply something I love to do, paid or not. You can view my work at designphilled.com"

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