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Workshop: Creative T-shirt Project, Round 3

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Vectortuts+ loves Illustration and discovering new talent, so today we are proud to be showcasing the third and final round of the Vectortuts+ Creative T-shirt Project. Check it out at the jump!

Create Your Own T-shirt Design, Round 3

The designs are posted in no particular order, but we thought it would be fun to kick things off with some cuddly animals and dinosaurs by Andres! Great work everyone, it's been fun to see what you've come up with.

Thankyou to everyone who participated, if you missed the previous designs, check them out in Creative T-shirt Project Round 1 and Creative T-shirt Project Round 2

Andres Alfonso
"Hello, I'm Andres Alfonso, I like to illustrate funny animals and here's my t-shirt designs "We are all animals" and "Prehistoric Kids" like me on facebook"

Js Daniel
"Hi JS Daniel here. I am an illustrator & designer. I love anything art. You can see more of my work at"

Joe St Onge
"I was hungry when I did this!"

Seyi Oyekoya

"Can't say much cos it was done in a rush"

Adrien Falconnier
"Hello, my name is Adrien, I'm French, and I draw the head of my friends! Vectortuts you soon!"

Piotr Bajbak

Michel Moura
"My work here are different, more dream of one day being only illustrator,
drawing done in 10min"

"Hi, I'm Mahdi I'm from Morocco!
This is Badass Rabbit"

Syed Maaz
"My name is Syed Maaz. I gave life to my graphic designing career in 2008. I've always been very passionate about art, especially manual calligraphy and abstract painting, I feel that I will always strive to learn more about this field because in my opinion, graphic designing is an occupation that I was meant to pursue.. to check out my other work please follow the links: and"

Andrei Marincas
"Hello! I'm Andrei Marincas, a freelance graphic designer and photographer. I design for web, print, identity and branding. You can follow me on twitter and facebook or visit my website"

"I'm Raymar an aspiring graphic designer in the Philippines.
This is one of my first full vector artwork inspired by Jared Nickerson works which I have been experimenting for that time since then I don't use gradients in vector portraits anymore :D
Well here is my portfolio"

Lukasz Wójcik
"Sketches moved to cyberworld ...Joy and satisfaction from every illustration are most important, and if someone enjoy my works? ... Hmm... Please Enjoy!!! That is for me even greater motivation and satisfaction."

"Hello there! My name is Byron and I'm from Malaysia. This is my "first time ever" complete art using Adobe Illustrator. I never get the chance to learn deeply about AI but I'm really interested in illustrator especially Vector art. So this is my logo which I trace from my very own logo. So I'm not really satisfied with myself because I only trace this image out as I'm not good in AI. Anyway here it is! P.S: For anyone out there that willing to share knowledge about AI with me, please do share with me and teach me how to improve in using AI! Please teach me more about AI! Thank You!! :D"

Tomás Bojko
"Hi, everyone! This is TRABAGR, a collaborative project from Czech Republic. These four t-shirts are a small sneak peek from our labs. Our illustrations are hand-drawn and pursue simplicity together with bright colors. You will find us at"

Rey Exzyl
"Hi! Here is just some random stuff that's been going in my head.
You can see more of my works here:"

Selena M. Trujillo
"A couple of years ago I started working with a burlesque circus and found my own creative muse again for just fun, personal projects. The people I work with in the circus and being among such creative and talented artists just creates an amazing atmosphere that inspires. I just wanted to throw out a t-shirt idea for the circus. I'm Selena M. Trujillo. I work at Basin Printing and Imaging, and I also work for in Durango, Colorado."

Ed Rogers
"Death Turtle - Edward Rogers,
Created in Illustrator
Very cartoon/vector style"

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