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Workshop: Creative T-shirt Project, Round 2

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Vectortuts+ loves Illustration and discovering new talent, so today we are proud to be showcasing Round 2 of the Vectortuts+ Creative T-shirt Project. The best thing is, you can be a part of it! Find out how to get involved, at the jump.

Create Your Own T-shirt Design, Round 2

The designs are posted in no particular order, but we thought it would be fun to kick things off with an imaginative piece by Nico! Great work everyone, it's been fun to see what you've come up with.

Submissions are open for one more week! Get your entries in before Monday 14th of May 2012 for a chance to be in the 3rd and final round.

Nico Encarnacion

"The artwork here is my creative interpretation of the things that have intrigued me after reading Dr. Medina's book. I sketched it a few months back and did some modifications in Illustrator. It's my first full vector artwork done in Adobe Illustrator (Yey for me!) after so many years of being stuck with digital painting brushes in Photoshop. I was finally able to have the courage of a Kamikaze pilot to dive right into a whole new style of illustrations.

I am Nico Encarnacion. I am a freelance illustrator and most of my artworks are doodles and character designs. I also have a blog (my portfolio - www.nicoencarnacion.me - is under construction) - blog.nicoencarnacion.me - where I post some of my latest design and illustration projects. :)"

Jelena Indjic
"If someone is hungry, my recommendation for today are the fish cakes. :D This is one of the three illustrations that were part of my solo exhibition. I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator."

"Hi Vectortuts+! My name is Yaroslav, I'm 21 and I'm from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Now I'm specializing on creating vector logos, paper toys and funny pictures like this I called "Northern Friends" and I'm very glad to introduce it to you on this Community Project. More about me at yaroslavturov.daportfolio.com and pm-papermate.deviantart.com and pm-papermate.blogspot.com Best wishes!"

Jelena Indjic


"Just having fun with my little bunny..."

Ulrich Wanga

Tim Gagnon
"My name is Tim Gagnon. I'm a graphic designer of around 15 years, I enjoy doing illustration in my spare time. This piece is called "The Cassette". It is based on a series of posters I created called "Broken Music" you can view my work here.flickr.com/photos/tang26"

Bryce Choquer
"My name is Bryce Choquer I am 17 years old currently own my own graphic design company. I love making new things and when i came across this challenge i had to be apart of it.
I hope you like my shirt design."


Alain Bossuyt
"Hi ! I'm a french illustrator and graphic designer. As you can see, I'm a movie freak too, from a galaxy far far away :) If you want to have a look at my works, here's my society6 page and if you want to follow me, here's my FB professionnal page"

Dimitri Garnier

How to Get Involved!

Would you like to participate in the Vectortuts+ Creative T-shirt Project? It's easy, all you need to do is Download the Template, join the Vectortuts+ Facebook Group and get creative!

How to Make a Vectortuts+ T-shirt Design:

  1. Download the Design Template
  2. Draw your image onto the template, you can be as creative as you like, feel free to alter any or all of the illustration. We want to see creative and fun projects so go crazy!
  3. Upload (or tag) your design to the Vectortuts+ Facebook Group with a short description of your style or theme.


  • Artwork can be any style or theme as long as it's vector and 100% your own work.
  • You don't have to spend hours and hours on your piece, the project's aim is to be fun, fast and individual.
  • You may submit more than one design
  • When you publish your work on Facebook, please include one or two paragraphs about yourself and/or your work and a link to your website / online portfolio.
  • Have Fun!
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