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Win a Free Book, 'Vector Graphics and Illustration' - 12 for 2010, Day Six

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As part of the sixth day of 12 for 2010, we're giving away a free copy of Vector Graphics and Illustration. Entering only takes a few seconds, since all you've got to do is leave a comment. Too easy.

The winner is:
Joe Howard

Thanks to all that entered!

Meet Adrian Try

Adrian TryAdrian TryAdrian Try

Adrian, our Audiotuts+ legend, is our only locally based Tuts+ editor - though I use the word 'local' loosely, since Adrian lives in a much sunnier and more tropical part of Australia than we do! He's a writer and musician with a passion for everything open source. Adrian also has six kids, one of which works for Envato - though he refuses to let us say who ;)

Win Vector Graphics and Illustration: A Master Class in Digital Image-making

Vector Graphics and IllustrationVector Graphics and IllustrationVector Graphics and Illustration

About the Book

Following the success of Digital Illustration and Secrets of Digital Illustration, Vector Graphics and Illustration turns the spotlight on this instantly recognizable and popular illustrative technique. Like its predecessors, this book is a highly illustrated but practical “how to” manual that looks at the creative possibilities offered by software such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. It makes a feature of the exemplary illustration work being created around the world, and especially in countries with an emerging graphic design scene, including Malaysia, Brazil, Singapore, and India.

Vector Graphics and Illustration explores the advantages of vector work, and how vector graphics are especially useful in the creation of minimal but high-impact work, such as information graphics, logo designs, characters, technical drawings, graphic novels, magazine illustrations, and graphics for clothing. This book taps into a vibrant and distinctive creative area that is under-represented outside software manuals and specialist magazines.

How to Enter in 10 Seconds or Less

For the chance to win a free copy of the book, all you need to do is comment. Make sure to include your correct email address with your comment so that we can contact you. This giveaway is open worldwide, but make sure to get your comment in before midnight on New Year's Eve, Pacific Eastern Standard Time.

To increase your chances of winning something, make sure to enter again once on each Tuts+ site. There are 8 giveaways going on right now, each with another chance to win.

Please note: Envato staff and people who have written more than two tutorials/articles for a Tuts+ site are not eligible to enter.

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