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Win $3500 to Spend on the ULTIMATE Graphic Design Setup!

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After a week of Graphic Design posts, Tuts+ and GraphicRiver are excited to bring you this awesome chance to win $3500 in cold, hard cash to spend on the ultimate creative set-up. You'll also win up to 30 of your favourite Envato Marketplace files and a year of Tuts+ membership. And best of all it's dead easy to enter, read on to find out how.

Create a Collection

When you find files on any of the 5 Envato Marketplaces including GraphicRiver you can bookmark them and add them to a collection of bookmarks. Those collections can be made public for sharing and showing off. All you need to do to go into the running to win our huge prize is create a public collection of your favourite files. That's it!

$3500 to Spend!

One lucky entrant will win US$3,500 paid to a PayPal account of your choosing to spend on the ultimate creative setup. Just to give you an idea of what that could buy, you could grab yourself a brand new iMac, Adobe CS4 Design Premium complete with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and the works, a set of Pantone swatch books and still have cash to spare to buy a whole bunch of design books from Amazon!

And on top of that we'll buy you all the files in your winning collection AND we'll throw in a year's subscription to the Plus program here at Tuts+.

9 Runners Up

For 9 runners up we'll buy you the entire set of Envato Marketplace files you put into your winning collections. With files priced up to $25 and up to 30 items per collection, the potential value of this runner-up prize is a solid $750 each!

How to Enter

To enter, you'll need to be a member of our marketplaces, so if you aren't already create a free account on any of them: FlashDen, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, ThemeForest or VideoHive.

Then here's how to do create your public collection to enter:

1. Decide on the theme of your collection (e.g. Best Vector Illustrations, Killer WordPress Themes)
2. At the top of the page where your username is, click the Bookmarks link
3. Name your new collection in the Create a New Collection box
4. Add an awesome image to represent your collection
5. Add a description for your collection
6. Make it publicly viewable (this is important!), then click Create.

Then all you need to do is find up to 30 of the best files across the marketplaces that fit your theme and add them using the Bookmark This Item feature on the right of each file page!

To make sure we know about your collection, link to it in a comment at the bottom of this post by June 15 2009 to enter.

How We Choose the Winners

We'll be looking for collections that possess:

* An original and useful theme (eg. holiday related, colour related, functionality related)
* A great image
* A useful and informative description
* A great selection of files

We will choose the 10 best collections based on those criteria. Each of these will win all the files in their collection (up to a maximum of 30 files).

Then we'll publish an online poll for the public to vote on their favourite of the top 10. The poll will be published on the 5 marketplace blogs - FlashDen Blog, GraphicRiver Blog, AudioJungle Blog, ThemeForest Blog, VideoHive Blog.

The collection with the most votes will win US$3500 to spend on the ultimate creative set-up, the files in their winning collection, plus a one year Tuts+ membership!!


Can I enter more than once?
Yes, you can enter as many times as you like with each public collection counting as an entry.

Can I put files from different marketplaces into one collection?
Yes, absolutely. For instance you could have a "corporate" themed collection with files from every marketplace in it.

Do I need to be a member to enter?
Yes you do. You have to be a member to create a collection, but joining the Envato marketplaces is completely free and only takes 30 seconds.

Can I include my own files in my entered collection?
Yes you can! You can include any files you think are great - whether they're yours or not! :-)

How do I enter my collection into the competition?
Just place a comment with a link to it and the title.

When does the competition close?
You need to put a link to your collection by June 15th, 11:59pm Australian Eastern Standard time to be considered. Remember to make sure your collection is publicly viewable so we can see it, too!

Terms and Conditions

  • Staff from Envato will select the ten finalists, our decision is final.
  • Entry is open to anyone who is NOT an Envato employee.
  • Payment will only be made via PayPal. To receive the grand prize you must have a PayPal account. You can however enter without and be eligible to win the Tuts+ subscription and items in your winning collection.
  • Entries close 11:59pm June 15th, Australian Eastern Standard time.
  • If you are suspected of attempting to rig the contest by spamming entries or votes your entry(ies) will be disqualified
  • Please contact Envato support (http://activeden.net/support) with any questions or clarification.

Good Luck!

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