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Who Should Win $3,500? Vote Now!

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Read Time: 3 mins

During our very awesome Graphic Design Week we offered a $3,500 USD prize to the person who could create the best and most original collection of Envato marketplace files. Literally thousands of entries poured in, and now we have chosen the top 10. Cast your vote to determine who will win an incredible $3,500 to spend on the ultimate graphic design setup!

All This Could Be Theirs...


... But You Ultimately Choose!

So, who gets your vote?

Finalist 1: Life In The City

"A collection about cities, modern buildings, industrial sounds, videos of a town in motion, or a building in color, you will find it here, brought and made by some of the greatest authors in their fields, enjoy!"

Finalist 2: The Eco-Friendly Collection - Web and Print

"The Eco-Friendly Collection (Web and Print) is a compilation of items across the Envato Marketplaces that relate to going green and being environmentally friendly. Templates can be used as a base for websites and printed material that promote recycling, preserving nature, and anything that has to do with being eco-friendly. Sounds and flash animations can be used to accompany work created on the web."

Finalist 3: Admin, the Ultimate Collection

"A collection of files to help create the ultimate Flash/Flex content management system."

by Gr0in

Finalist 4: Must-have to Create a Masterpiece

"Some sounds, graphics, and stock footage to give a masterpiece the perfect feeling."

Finalist 5: The Final Frontier

"Space. It is colorful. It is infinite. These are the voyages of the starship Envato. It’s continuing mission…"

Finalist 6: The Colors Of The Rainbow

"This collection has the most colorful resources you’ll ever find. Here you can find icons, vectors, website templates and business cards full of joy and fun, just like a rainbow!"

Finalist 7: So Cute it Hurts

"All the cutest resources from Graphic River, and a couple from FlashDen are the cherry on the cake."

Finalist 8: Web Designer's Toolkit

"This library showcases the best & most useful products in regards to general web design. From Flash to Photoshop to fully coded templates, these represent the best that the Envato Marketplace has to offer. In short, these products should be on every web designer’s shopping list!"

Finalist 9: Urbanism

"The Urbanism collection contains the best urban inspired themes, web elements, and design templates."

Finalist 10: Rokband Pack

"Rock band objects, textures, graphics, product mock displays, and more."

Each one of these finalists will win a single use license to every file in their collection!

But who will win US$3,500 for their ultimate creative set-up? That's up to you! So pick your favorite and vote for it below!

Please note that only one vote per user will be registered. Voting will close at 12 midday, Australian Eastern Standard time on Monday the 6th of July. The winner will be announced the following day, and then all finalists and winners will be contacted via email to receive their prizes!

So stay tuned to find out who wins Envato's biggest competition ever!

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