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Where Are They Now? Catching Up With Veteran Tuts+ Authors

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This post is part of a series called 10 Years of Envato Tuts+!.
How to Create Plastic Jelly Styles in Adobe Photoshop: 10th Anniversary Edition
10 Years of Design & Illustration on Envato Tuts+

Design inspires us all, and you never know where it might take you.

Today, we'll catch up with five amazing authors from Envato Tuts+. In celebration of ten years of Design & Illustration tutorials here on the site, we're looking into their first tutorials, original inspirations, and recent design adventures.

How did it all start for them? Let's find out.

Fabio Sasso

Fabio Sasso Fabio Sasso Fabio Sasso
Credit: Instagram

Envato Tuts+ Profile: Fabio Sasso

The gatekeeper to our inspiration, Abduzeedo may have been the first child of Fabio Sasso, but Fabio's a proud papa now. His tutorials have helped our readers for years with their brilliant effects and helpful tips, and we're happy to catch up today with the Brazilian designer.

See where it all began. Check out his first tutorial in 2007.

Here's what he had to say on how he got into design:

I've always loved to draw and make things. Then, when I got my first computer I was completely fascinated by it, especially after I discovered some old graphic design software.
Man of Steel PosterMan of Steel PosterMan of Steel Poster
Man of Steel Poster

Originally from Brazil, Fabio used his own hurdles with language to encourage him to share his talents.

The hard thing for me was to learn. Everything was in English which I didn't speak and it was very hard to find books. I think that was what made me want to share the things I learned.

He now works for Google while still keeping up with ABDZ. And recently, there was another new addition to Fabio's life.

I've just become a father. So now I am trying to raise a little boy. I think that is, for sure, my biggest and best project.

Fabio's Tutorials

From light painting to text effects and more, Fabio has shared countless inspiring art, graphic design, and tutorials with us all. One of his earliest lessons on Tuts+ includes this Photoshop Vintage Collage that uses the Pen Tool, simple brush textures and more for a retro design.

Create A Cool Vintage Collage Design In PhotoshopCreate A Cool Vintage Collage Design In PhotoshopCreate A Cool Vintage Collage Design In Photoshop
Check out this awesome interpretation of Fabio's Vintage Collage tutorial by reader Ataa Kaa.

Here's what he had to say on what kind of design excites him now.

I am really into ways to improve the communication between designers and engineers.
I think, thanks to the internet and sites like Tuts+, we all have access to excellent content that helps us become better at what we do, however when working with other people there are different social aspects that are much more subtle and hard to learn than technical skills. That is what really excites me today.

Congrats on the little one, Fabio, and we look forward to what the two of you have to come! Thanks for reminding us to be inspired by others every day. 

Get inspired by Fabio Sasso's lessons! Find him under Abduzeedo on social media.

And feel free to check out more of his tutorials on Envato Tuts+:

Mary Winkler

Mary WinklerMary WinklerMary Winkler

Envato Tuts+ Profile: Mary Winkler

Vector art is tricky, but then there are artists that make it look easy. Mary Winkler is one of them. With a specialty for colorful Kawaii art, Mary's tutorials have introduced aspiring artists to new cultures and designs.

See where it all began. Check out her first tutorial in 2013.

Here's what she had to say on why she got into teaching design:

I was in between gigs when I started teaching online. Soon it became most of what I did for 3 years. I loved breaking down current design trends or my own design styles so others could understand how something could be made. It's come in handy these days when writing or illustrating toy instructions.
Mary Winkler Kahootz ToysMary Winkler Kahootz ToysMary Winkler Kahootz Toys
Credit: Instagram

These days she works for Kahootz Toys as an illustrator. She says:

It's an amazing job with an amazing team. I design for toy packaging, create instructions, and create concept art for toys.

Mary's Articles & Tutorials

Apart from her whimsical tutorials and free resources, Mary has also handed us the formulas to many important aspects of design and design software.

Catch up on the essentials with her A to Z learning guides.

Or learn about important Careers in Design & Illustration with these helpful articles.  

On what excites her now:

Since September 2016 I've worked in-house at Kahootz Toys. I'm sort of plugged into toys these days, especially getting inspired by those from my childhood or a generation before me.

There's something so rad about illustration in the toy industry in the 70s and 80s. It's so cool to be able to share my illustrations with a new generation in a way I didn't think was possible.
Sweets and SparklesSweets and SparklesSweets and Sparkles
Sweets and Sparkles

Inviting and friendly, her teaching style gives readers room to experiment, leading to outcomes that are truly magical.

Get inspired by Mary's lessons! Check out more of her tutorials on Envato Tuts+:

Simona Pfreundner

Simona PfreundnerSimona PfreundnerSimona Pfreundner
Credit: Behance

Envato Tuts+ Profile: Simona Pfreundner

Passionate people are the best teachers. Independent graphic designer Simona Pfreundner teaches students how to master essential tools and more in Adobe Illustrator. 

See where it all began. Check out her first tutorial in 2008.

Here's what inspired her to get into design:

As the cliche goes, I have always been drawing. Originally I wanted to study fine arts. As life went on, I ended up studying graphic design.
During my courses, often students were a bit behind and the teachers asked us all to help with struggling students. It was then that one of the teachers approached me and mentioned that I might consider a teaching career. I wasn't ready then—too eager to work as a graphic designer, but when I met Sean Hodge, I knew vectortuts would become the place to offer my teaching skills.

Now, Simona works as a freelance graphic designer who continues to teach students online. Her passion shows in her tutorials as well as her love for the program.

I have a small blog called Vectortwist where I offer free tutorials on Adobe Illustrator, my favorite software for creating illustrations!
Isometric Floating Castle SceneIsometric Floating Castle SceneIsometric Floating Castle Scene
Isometric Floating Castle Scene

Simona's Tutorials & Courses

Add Simona's amazing resources and lessons to your collection.

Design an awesome Custom Skin for your laptop. Or explore fun illustration and 3D styles with these tutorials:

One important tip from Simona? Practice makes perfect. She says:

I've always been an admirer of illustrations, so I try to make it a daily task to sketch, doodle and illustrate.
Sneaker RamaSneaker RamaSneaker Rama
Sneaker Rama

Great advice, Simona! Follow along with her on social media for more great tips.

And get inspired by Simona's lessons! Check out her tutorials on Envato Tuts+:

Jesse Hora

Jesse HoraJesse HoraJesse Hora
Credit: MakeandCo

Envato Tuts+ Profile: Jesse Hora Dot Com

Murals, meet your master. Jesse Hora's wicked illustrative skills will make you want to pick up a pen again. He shared his passion for hand lettering with us and created easy-to-follow Illustrator tutorials.

See where it all began. Check out one of his earliest tutorials from 2009.

For Jesse, design hits close to home.

I come from a lineage of independent, free-spirited, creative people.
Growing up in a small lake town, the mix of rural and beachy vibes ingrained a blue collar creativity within me. Having the opportunity to help and share with other creatives and designers just came naturally. 

Currently Jesse works for MAKE, a creative studio with a talented team of designers. 

From large-scale art installations to directing brand campaigns we always have lots of fun!
Mural WorkMural WorkMural Work
Mural Work

Jesse's Tutorials

At the center of his tutorials is a focus on basic Illustrator tools and functions.

Create a vector trace from a photo, for instance.

Or master hand lettering techniques with these tutorials.

But Illustrator wasn't his only love.

Variety has always been the spice of life for me creatively. So diving deep into a plethora of projects, and learning new nuisances of each, keeps me excited!

We think so too! Follow along with him on social media for more incredible inspiration.

And check out more of his tutorials on Envato Tuts+:

Martin Perhiniak

Martin PerhiniakMartin PerhiniakMartin Perhiniak
Credit: Yes I'm a Designer

Envato Tuts+ Profile: Martin Perhiniak

Certified Adobe Expert Martin Perhiniak was voted one of Adobe's top 10 instructors around the world. His tutorials have introduced designers of all levels to new and exciting features of some of their favorite software.

See where it all began. Check out one of his earliest tutorials from 2010.

Here's an inside look into his greatest inspiration:

My greatest inspiration has always been nature. Nothing can beat the variety of shapes, colors and textures of our planet.

And like many of our authors, he also enjoys helping others. From design tips to photography and more, Martin has always enjoyed teaching:

Teaching came quite naturally to me from a very young age I loved showing people how to do things.
Getting my first Adobe Certified Expert qualifications propelled me towards teaching even more. Tuts+ was a great platform to establish myself as an international speaker and instructor, for which I'm still very grateful.
How to Colorize a Black and White PhotoHow to Colorize a Black and White PhotoHow to Colorize a Black and White Photo
How to Colorize a Black and White Photo

Today, Martin continues to teach the world about design. He has worked with major companies like Google, Disney, and Cartoon Network and tackles a variety of design and illustration projects.

Martin's Tutorials

Learn essential tips and tricks from this helpful instructor to feel more confident.

Try a fun Cinemagraph tutorial. Or check out Martin's comprehensive guides on video and color:

And now he's on YouTube! Exploring new ways to reach his audience, Martin performs regular live streams on YouTube.

My channel is playing an important role in reaching people who are interested in graphic design. Recently I started doing Live Streams on YouTube, which is an exciting new way of teaching. Hundreds of viewers are attending and chatting with me. I'm planning to keep sharing my knowledge and experience with people from around the world.
Illustrations for AccentureIllustrations for AccentureIllustrations for Accenture
Illustrations for Accenture

Need some inspiration? Learn more about Martin's creative journey through his channel.

And check out more of his tutorials on Envato Tuts+:

Thank You!

Here's a huge thank you to all the authors for sharing your stories with us. We're excited to bring more helpful content to our readers for more years to come!

Celebrate design! To see more from these authors, visit their portfolios below:

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