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What's Happening at Photoshop World?

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As you may know, Photoshop World 2011 is occurring in Orlando, Florida right now. Photoshop World is an event that is held twice a year on the east and west coasts of the U.S. One of our authors, Stephen Petrany is attending the event and just sent in a couple videos of some of the new features that are coming to Photoshop. The videos are short and don't offer a much detailed information but they do offer a bit of insight into what Adobe is working on at the moment.

Update: we should also mention that Stephen was up for a guru award for one of the tutorials that he wrote for Psdtuts a while back. Stephen did not win but we wanted to congratulate him for the honor nonetheless.

New Mobile Apps

The first video shows some possibilities for a new app that Adobe is working on. It shows a person using their finger to draw on an app. We’ve spoken about this sort of thing before. I think most designers would prefer that they use a pen, similar to their Wacom Tablets to create their designs. So it’s tough to say whether mobile apps like the one below would actually be useful. Either way, I’d love to know more about what Adobe is working on. Hopefully, Stephen can elaborate at a later date.

Real Time Lens Correction

This video shows how Adobe is working on a real time lens correction feature for later versions of Photoshop

While these videos don’t provide that much information into what is happening at Photoshop World, I’d love to know what you guys think. What features would you like to see in an upcoming version of Photoshop? Dare I say Autosave???

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