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What Fonts Are Trending Now and Font Trends for 2022

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If you’re looking to update your font book, consider this your ultimate guide to the most popular fonts right now and brand new trending fonts for 2022. Last year was a fantastic year for cool and quirky type, and in 2022 there’s also plenty to get excited about in the world of type, from Arabian-style scripts to chunky retro display fonts. 

To compile our report on the latest trending fonts, we analyzed search data to identify current typography trends and emerging type styles, bringing you the fonts that will define the voice of brands, websites, logos, and print media in the near future. Stay ahead of the curve with this report on font trends for 2022, and discover your next favourite font to use in your design projects.

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stigsy fontstigsy fontstigsy font
Stigsa Display high-contrast serif typeface

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After a nearly write-off year for font trends in 2020, a unique and individualist spirit pervaded typography in 2021, with distorted and kinetic fonts being just two of the distinctive type trends that helped to give brands a unique voice in a crowded online market. The pandemic fostered a greater sense of locality for consumers as the work from home (WFH) community exploded, while continuing global anxieties led to more interest in brands that were able to offer genuine intimacy and connection with their customer base.

Distinctive and eccentric type styles continue to have traction in the post-pandemic world, but generally we’re starting to see a movement towards more subtle interpretations of the trend for quirk.

Old Church - Trending Serif FontsOld Church - Trending Serif FontsOld Church - Trending Serif Fonts
Old Church - Trending Serif Fonts

The downside of ultra-eccentric type is that style can often be at the expense of substance. Distorted fonts might look cool, but they can also be difficult to read on a small screen. For businesses looking to connect with a wider customer base, accessibility is at the forefront of their branding strategy. In the last couple of years, a range of global businesses, including Uber, Santander, and Badoo, have moved towards simpler, friendlier brand identities with type that reflects a more inclusive aesthetic.

In 2022 typography trends, we can expect to see a move away from illegible novelty fonts and towards type that is more honest, legible, and inclusive. As the online market becomes increasingly crowded, big brands are shifting towards identities that work better on digital platforms, and type plays a major role. Rounded sans serifs are welcoming and UX-friendly, while fluid, simple scripts and rustic serifs replace fussier serif styles.

Still yearning for an eccentric typeface? Retro styles are going extra chubby and huggable, while the (long-delayed) release of Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch helped to ignite a craze for all things 1950s and French—channel the look with quietly quirky fonts inspired by vintage journalism.

We predict the most popular 2022 font trends will have an open and honest personality, with legibility and web accessibility a priority. Of course, that doesn’t mean style goes out the window. Quite the opposite—these 2022 fonts trends may be subtle, but they’re all supremely stylish:

  1. Rounded Sans Serifs
  2. High-Contrast Serifs
  3. Quietly Quirky
  4. Fluid and Simple Scripts
  5. Rustic Serifs
  6. Strong and Simple Sans
  7. Chubby Retro

We expect to see examples from all of these font groups across print, branding, packaging, and web design in 2022. Read on to explore these exciting font trends in detail and stay ahead of the type curve.

Font Trend 1: Rounded Sans Serifs

Honest, open, and inclusive, these rounded sans serifs reflect the shift towards fuss-free branding in 2022. Rounded fonts used to be the preserve of child-focussed products, but these more grown-up incarnations of the rounded type style strike the perfect balance between friendly naivety and geometric style.

Ideal for use across a wide range of branding projects, this current font trend is also ultra-legible, boosting online accessibility for visually impaired readers. Use it for logo design, apps, brochures, and ads.

Visby Round Sans Serif FontVisby Round Sans Serif FontVisby Round Sans Serif Font
Visby Round Sans Serif Font
BERLIN Rounded - Sans Serif TypefaceBERLIN Rounded - Sans Serif TypefaceBERLIN Rounded - Sans Serif Typeface
BERLIN Rounded Sans Serif Typeface
Nanomaton minimalist sans serif typeface

If you like these latest trending fonts, check out this article with more cool rounded sans serif fonts:

Font Trend 2: High-Contrast Serifs

Here's the next 2022 font trend: taking inspiration from Japanese typefaces, these achingly elegant high-contrast serif typefaces bring a literary personality to print and web projects.

These impactful fonts balance traditional and contemporary style, making logo and brand designs feel both timeless and cutting-edge, perfect for brands that want to look a bit older than their establishment date. High-contrast serifs also work beautifully for body type on websites, and they're easier to read than old-style serifs. These are some of the best fonts of 2022 that follow the trend:

stigsa displaystigsa displaystigsa display
Stigsa Display high-contrast serif font.
slabien serifslabien serifslabien serif
Slabien modern slab serif font.
braveold fontbraveold fontbraveold font
Braveold serif font family.
breadley fontbreadley fontbreadley font
Breadley elegant serif typeface.
koldby fontkoldby fontkoldby font
Koldby modern and elegant serif font.

Font Trend 3: Quietly Quirky

With Wes Anderson’s much-anticipated tribute to journalism, The French Dispatch, released at the end of 2021, no doubt we can expect to see a wave of designs paying tribute to the rustic, mid-century character of its French setting. Anderson’s graphic designer Erica Dorn created beautiful poster artwork for the film, featuring illustrations by Javi Aznarez, which are embellished with kookily hand-drawn type in a typewriter-inspired, serif style.

These quietly quirky font styles will help you to channel a cosy vintage style in your designs in 2022. Look for traditional serifs and sans-serifs with subtle quirks. If the characters have a slightly hand-crafted wobble, you’re on the right track. Let's see some of the best fonts of 2022 for this one:

bosan fontbosan fontbosan font
Bosan modern sans serif typeface.
fonseca fontfonseca fontfonseca font
Fonseca Art Deco sans serif font family.
cornerone fontcornerone fontcornerone font
CornerOne vintage round font family.
linguista scriptlinguista scriptlinguista script
Linguista monoline handwritten font.
Old Church - Trending Serif FontsOld Church - Trending Serif FontsOld Church - Trending Serif Fonts
Old Church trending serif fonts.

Font Trend 4: Fluid and Simple Script

Speaking of cool typography trends, another one that’s been brewing since 2021 is the use of very silky, fluid script fonts that blend elements of Art Nouveau with calligraphic style. These trending script fonts are beautiful and poetic, allowing you to incorporate artistic type into your designs.

In 2022, we’ll see these scripts become even more fluid and simple, with a strong Arabic influence in the styling. These display fonts can be used to embellish packaging, product photography, or websites, and look fantastic layered over photography. They are elegant and only sparingly cursive, making them more legible than fancier script styles. Here are the top 2022 fonts for this elegant trend:

ginger fontginger fontginger font
Ginger modern display font.
runalto fontrunalto fontrunalto font
Runalto luxury display font.
ligerid fontligerid fontligerid font
Ligerid calligraphic display font.
black delights fontblack delights fontblack delights font
Black Delights elegant ligature font.
de hudson font duode hudson font duode hudson font duo
De Hudson rustic trending script fonts.

Font Trend 5: Rustic Serifs

One of the biggest font trends for 2020 was carved, sculptural serifs which looked as if they had been chiselled from stone. While we’ve now reached sculptural saturation point, the serif trend isn’t going anywhere. If you love the look of sculptural serifs but are on the hunt for something a little more trend-leading, let me introduce you to the rustic serif.

Quietly elegant with a small dose of perfected imperfection, these serifs take their cues from European cafe signage. Informal and effortlessly pretty, these new trending fonts can be used to bring more character to print designs such as posters and book covers. These trendy popular fonts have a handwritten quality without appearing hand-drawn, making them an excellent font choice for communications that need to feel warm and personal, such as portfolio websites, resumes, or casual event marketing. Let's take a look at the latest trending fonts:

ava serifava serifava serif
Ava classic serif font.
minyi serifminyi serifminyi serif
Minyi feminine serif typeface.
aureate fontaureate fontaureate font
Aureate sophisticated serif typeface.
naia fontnaia fontnaia font
Naia modernist serif font.
montage fontmontage fontmontage font
Montage delicate serif font.

Font Trend 6: Strong and Simple Sans

After a year of distorted, novelty fonts, there’s no fresher breath of air than a strong and simple sans serif. This current font trend features bold, impactful fonts that are best used for headlines, and are the perfect match for corporate designs or layouts that need to get to the point quickly.

Team your bold, simple serif with high-contrast colour pairings such as black and white or acid neons to maximise its powerful personality. Sports branding, game marketing, technology branding or corporate websites will all benefit from the simple impact of a modern sans serif.

emelind fontemelind fontemelind font
Emelind modern bold sans serif typeface.
dalton fontdalton fontdalton font
Dalton strong sans serif display font.
hobart fonthobart fonthobart font
Hobart minimal sans serif font.
widy fontwidy fontwidy font
Widy geometric sans serif typeface.
volante fontvolante fontvolante font
Volante stylish condensed font.

Font Trend 7: Chubby Retro

The power of nostalgia marketing has only grown stronger during the pandemic, with consumers increasingly turning to vintage-styled products and designs to feel comforted. While overly retro fonts can feel a little too gimmicky right now, fonts that subtly reference 1970s type styles still feel fresh.

We predict that retro-inspired fonts will also go super-sized in 2022, with chubby retro fonts being used to add a serious dose of cheer and optimism to logos, packaging, signage, and websites. If you’re looking for a font trend to put a smile on your face in 2022, these chubby retro typefaces will certainly lift your mood. Here are the best 2022 fonts for this retro trend:

calgest fontcalgest fontcalgest font
Callgest tapered display font.
dubbo fontdubbo fontdubbo font
Dubbo chubby retro font.
kinsale fontkinsale fontkinsale font
Kinsale vintage display font.
thick thinksthick thinksthick thinks
Thick Thinks quirky display font.
capuche fontcapuche fontcapuche font
Capuche bold retro display typeface.

After font trends in 2020 and 2021 prioritised eccentricity, the best fonts of 2022 will have a quieter but no less impactful mood. Legibility, clarity, and an open, honest personality will help consumers to feel welcomed and comforted by brands, particularly ones they might not have encountered in the crowded digital market before. 

Despite the subtler mood pervading typography in the year ahead, there are still plenty of type choices that will bring personality and character to your designs. Chubby retro fonts bring a much-needed dose of optimism, while rustic serif fonts, simple scripts, and quietly quirky display fonts will bring warmth and friendliness to your projects, as well as a serious style hit.  

Wondering how to use these trendy popular fonts in 2022? Less is often more, so prioritise elegance and warmth over novelty styles. Your designs—and clients—will thank you for it! 

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