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What Do You Think Would Make a Great Psdtuts+ Contest?

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We've got a quick contest update. Also, we'd like to know what you think would make a great contest. It's not long before we'll be launching the next contest, as we'd like to do this monthly. We want to continue to make the contests here successful. Leave a comment letting us know what you think would make a great Psdtuts+ contest. Feel free to throw multiple ideas out.

Brainstorming Ideas for New Contests

We're seeing a lot of participation in this month's AudioJungle Wallpaper Design contest, and the first Psdtuts+ contest went great as well. We want to keep this momentum going. If you have any suggestions on contests you'd like to see run here, let us know. The monthly contests have been a success so far, let's brainstorm a bit as a community to keep this going.

Leave a comment indicating what you think would make a great Psdtuts+ contest. I'm sure we've all got some great ideas we could add. As with any brainstorming session, just throw ideas out! We want to here what you think will make a great contest!

Here are a few ideas I have to get the ball rolling on this. We could have a poster contest, maybe focus on movie posters, or something retro. We could have a contest that is based on designing websites, or an icon design contest, maybe focused on a theme. These are kind of general ideas, but you get the idea. Let us know what you think would make a good contest! Thanks!

This Month's AudioJungle Contest is Going Strong

We have over 100 images submitted in this month's AudioJungle Wallpaper Design contest. Also, the quality of submissions is really high. Check out the submitted entries at this link. There is still plenty of time before the end of the month to get your submission in. It's going to be difficult deciding the winners!


We thank our sponsors for supporting this contest. The sponsors are listed below.



PSD ChopstickPSD ChopstickPSD Chopstick

New Sponsors

If you would like to sponsor this contest then let us know. We'll consider adding you to the list. Let us know what you could offer as a prize to members of Psdtuts+. Think of things that digital artists or designers could utilize. Use our Contact Form to let us know.

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