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We've Restructured the Psdtuts+ Video Section and Moved to Blip.tv

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We've moved over to Blip for our screencasts. We've moved all the screencasts which Gavin (our video editor) has created over to Blip.tv, as well as a few others, and made it our new video home. Gavin will continue to add this layer of learning to the tutorials here on Psdtuts+. Learn more at the jump!

Move from Vimeo over to Blip.tv

Screencasts from Elsewhere

We appreciate everyone who commented on those tutorials from elsewhere we had posted in the video section. It's rare that we remove posts from the site, but in this case we're restructuring the video section to focus on delivering high-quality exclusive Psdtuts+ video content on a regular basis. We appreciate your support in this!

Here are the screencasts we removed from the Videos section, so you can still find them. Some of these cover tools, tips, and techniques. There are some complex and awesome tutorials in here, as well as those aimed at beginner to intermediate artists. I'm listing these here, this way anyone that found them here originally will still be able to find them easily.

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