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We're Hiring Design & Illustration Course Instructors for Tuts+

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If you have an overflowing design or illustration portfolio, and a craving to share your knowledge, then we have an opportunity for you. How would you like to work with a dynamic team of instructors, whose mission is to educate a large, creative audience?  

We are growing our design and illustration courses here on Tuts+, expanding our graphic design teaching, reaching into hand lettering, carving out illustration, stretching forward with drawing, and more. We could use your help with developing these courses.

What Are We Looking For?  

We’re looking for instructors that have a deep understanding of their topic and experience teaching it. If you’ve produced a course online, written a book on the subject you want to teach, or you’ve taught a course through a university, then we’d like to chat with you. Also, if you have a rocking portfolio of work or have mastered a must share design or illustration technique, then reach out to us. If this is your first foray into teaching through online videos, we’re happy to guide you through the course development process. 

Browse our current archive of design and illustration courses.

Our design and illustration courses teach students through assignments and projects. Many of our courses blend the teaching of long standing, solid, craft-based techniques with practical software implementation. Students will take the concepts you teach and learn how to apply them directly into their work, boosting their knowledge, and the quality of their output. Here are some of the topics we’re recruiting for: 

  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Illustrative Design
  • Typography
  • Lettering
  • Calligraphy
  • Drawing
  • Digital Painting

These are just a few of the top-level topics we’re producing courses on. We're looking to cover the full spectrum from beginner to advanced on these subjects and their related sub-topics. Each of these subjects are endlessly deep and filled with engaging potential courses waiting to be taught. What course would you like to add?

Here’s How to Apply

Take a look at our existing archive of design and illustration courses, and brainstorm an exciting course idea, then reach out to us, and let us know what you’d like to teach. 

Our courses are structured as a series of lessons, which are roughly 90 minutes of video per course, and are made available to our Tuts+ members. We have a detailed Tuts+ Instructor Guide that outlines the process of working with us. Review this material first, then send your course idea over to us. 

Jump to our Instructor Application Form to apply now. 

Use this form to outline your strengths, link to your portfolio, provide a concise background on your experience, and to send a compelling course idea our way.  

We'll Get Back to You Promptly  

We appreciate those of you that contact us, as well as the course ideas you propose. We'll be reaching out to promising candidates as quickly as possible.   

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