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Web Ads via BuySellAds.com


A quick announcement today: we're switching our advertising over to a new system via the recently-launched BuySellAds.com. Previously, I'd been running a little ad network between four of our sites—FlashDen, FreelanceSwitch, FaveUp and Psdtuts+. But now thanks to this new service, it's all fully automated.

BuySellAds is still in beta but is a very promising service. I know Todd who's running the site, and he's a great guy. So if you've ever wanted to purchase an advert here, you can now do so via our Ad Sales page on BuySell. The price of an advert ... $1500 p/month :-)

I figure since the site is mostly about the Plus membership now, I'd only have a few, but really expensive ad spots. If they sell, then that's great. And if not, then no real harm done. In any case, we have lots of traffic here, so even at that rate it's only a $0.50 CPM rate which is pretty darn low!

Also, of course, you can buy ads on FreelanceSwitch for $750, and on FaveUp for $300.

In other news, I'll be announcing the new editor of the site in a few days. He has in fact been editing Psdtuts+ for almost two weeks now, but it's all been very hush, hush while he gets used to all the machinery of the site.

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