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Web Ads Via BuySellAds Now Available Here on VECTORTUTS


A quick announcement today: we've added web ads to the sidebar via BuySellAds. Advertisement purchases will help insure the long-term success of the site. Check out the Ad Sales page for more information. Also, we've prominently added a design Float button to the bottom of posts.

BuySellAds Integrated into the VECTORTUTS Sidebar

If you ever want to purchase an advert here, you can now do so via our Ad Sales page on BuySellAds. The price of an advert is USD$500 p/month :-)

The monthly traffic for VECTORTUTS is currently 380,000 page views a month. There are over 4,000 RSS subscribers. Also, the site is growing rapidly.

BuySellAds is still in beta, but is a very promising service. We've been using it on many of the sites in our network. It's integrated into PSDTUTS, NETTUTS, and FaveUp.

Design Float Button Added to Posts

Design Float is a social networking service similar to Digg, but it's targeted at graphic design and the digital arts. It's a great community to get involved in. You'll notice we replaced the Digg button with a Design Float button at the bottom of all posts.

Here is my user profile (seanHodge) in case anyone ever needs a Float. I really like the Design Float site and have it set as my homepage in one of the browsers I regularly use.

Mini-Vacation Travel Plans

Also, some real quick vacation news. I'll be hoping over to Curacao this weekend, such a hard life. From one sunny beach to the another. I'll be traveling for a short trip from Venezuela over to the island. I'll leave on Thursday and be back before Monday. Feel free to send through all communication, tutorial concepts, and article ideas using the normal forms, as I'll be back before Monday to get caught up.

We're Looking for More Vector Tutorial and Article Writers

We've been getting high-quality regular submissions, but we're always interested in reviewing new concepts and working with more artists. Contact us if you have a killer vector tutorial idea, or a great design article concept. I'll be happy to review it.

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