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We Want Your Illustrator Brushes! Contribute to the Tuts+ Community Brush Pack!


Love the infinitely scalable? Well, you too can achieve remarkable designs by creating your own versatile brushes in Adobe Illustrator. 

Submit to Our Tuts+ Community Brush Pack!

We would love to shine light on you and your incredible creations in this fun project.  Help us build the ultimate Illustrator brush pack to share with fellow readers in the Tuts+ community!

Never made an Illustrator brush before? Well, we've got you covered! Learn the details for entering this project, and then scroll on down for tutorials and inspiration.

How to Enter This Community Project

  1. Create and upload your custom Illustrator brush to your own site or social media (e.g. DeviantArt) as a .ZIP file. Link to the brush within the comments section of this post.
  2. Include your name, website, and a brief bio of yourself along with your entry.

Once this project is finished, we'll collect all the entries to build the ultimate Illustrator brush pack! But first, check out these guidelines.


  • Brushes must be Adobe Illustrator compatible. Link to one or more custom brushes in the comments. The deadline for submissions to be included in the showcase article and official community brush pack is August 31st, 2015.
  • Link only to brushes created by you. Please no links to outside sources other than your own custom creations.
  • Link only to brushes that are free for personal and commercial use. We're giving these away after all!
  • When you publish your artwork on this article, you agree that the graphic(s) can be included in one or more articles on Tuts+ and perhaps shared with other readers on the Tuts+ network via social media.
  • Submit and have fun!

Get Inspired!

Check out these tutorials to learn how to make your own Illustrator brushes from scratch! 

Learn how to use and create a Pattern Brush for the rope in this stylized tutorial.

Create a Stylized Captain Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

Create remarkable Graphic Brushes for a beautiful, stylish deer.

Use Art Brushes to create a beautiful watermelon text effect in Adobe Illustrator. 

Create a Watermelon Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to create a Calligraphic Brush for this detailed pencil illustration.

Create beautiful and abstract trees with Art and Scatter Brushes in Adobe Illustrator.

More Tutorials

Need more inspiration? We've got plenty of Illustrator brush tutorials here for you on Tuts+.

Keep this post handy by bookmarking it, and remember to follow this project to see your own work shine in our ultimate community brush pack!

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