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Watch: Depthcore's New York City Exhibition

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Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend Depthcore's art exhibition in New York City. Depthcore is one is the web's oldest and most respected art collectives so it was really exciting to see them take a big step forward and host an offline event for the first time. At the event, I had the opportunity to meet Justin Maller, Kervin Brisseaux, Jeff Huang, and briefly with Emeric Trahand; all Depthcore artists, most Psdtuts authors.

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect at this event. All I knew was that it was being billed as a "Party not to be forgotten." When I arrived about an hour into the event, I was not disappointed as there were already tons of people there with loud music, drinks, and lots of impressive artwork.

While I wasn't seeing much of the artwork on display for the first time, it was quite nice seeing all the pieces in print. The printed pieces show so much more detail and color than the ones online.

I did manage to take a few photos and videos of the event for those of you who could not attend. Please take a moment to review the short 1-minute highlight reel that I put together. Forgive my shotty editing skills.

Event Video


Psdtuts Editor, Grant Friedman with Depthcore Creative Director, Justin Maller and Depthcore artist Kervin Brisseaux.

Psdtuts Editor, Grant Friedman with Depthcore artist Jeff Huang.

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