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Video Training Giveaway: Exploring Illustrator Reference Library


We have an exciting Illustrator video training series to give away to 2 lucky Vectortuts+ readers. It's packed with 111 training videos created by professional illustrator Brian Zaikowski and released through Cartoon Smart on the Tuts+ Marketplace.

About the Contest

The Winners

The contest closed Tuesday, January 10th 2012 at the end of the day. We choose 2 random winners to this comment to win giveaway. Congratulations to: Razwan and Annette Barry. Expect an email from us to distributing you're prizes. Thanks to everyone who entered.

What's Inside? The Rundown

Professional Illustrator Brian Zaikowski teaches this amazing 24 hour Adobe Illustrator tutorial. Yes, a full day's worth of videos, but you don't have to tackle them in any particular order.

These 111 videos are like books on a shelf just waiting for the moment you need to learn everything about a particular tool or preference in Illustrator. Or for those true of spirit that want to master Adobe Illustrator in a couple days, you can begin in alphabetical order and learn nearly everything about this program.

You'll get 111 videos in total, with over 50 source files. Since each video is focused on a Tool or Preference name, they are around 10-20 minutes in length and organized accordingly…

Video Quality? The Examples

We have 3 examples from this high quality video training series available below. The entire series covers virtually every tool in illustrator. Check out the 3D Revolve Tool, Rotate Tool & Reflect Tool, and Calligraphic Brushes covered below.

3D Revolve Tool: Exploring Adobe Illustrator Tutorial from Cartoon Smart on Vimeo.

Exploring Illustrator CS5 Course: Rotate and Reflect Tool from Cartoon Smart on Vimeo.

Exploring Adobe Illustrator: Calligraphic Brushes from Cartoon Smart on Vimeo.

Terms and Conditions

  • This competition is not open to Envato employees.
  • Entries are accepted worldwide.
  • If you do not respond within 7 days to a notification that you have won a prize, we reserve the right to select another winner.
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