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Video: Psdtuts+ Design Challenge #2 Review

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The force was definitely strong after the second Psdtuts+ Design Challenge. We asked you to create Star Wars Themed Fan Art, and you impressed us with creative entries from various digital techniques. Recently, Psdtuts+ editor Grant Friedman sat down for a Google+ Hangout to discuss a handful of the entries with community moderator and Psdtuts+ author, Melody Nieves. Let’s take a look!

Google+ Hangout Review

Art Featured From This Challenge

Boba Fett Baker by David Walker

Yoda by Amblagar Amb

Darth Maul by Josiah Lorsung

Yoda by Justin Fields

ZChewy by Nacho Riesco

Darth Vader by Franck Beaume

Cat Jedi vs Darth Vader by Wison Hendrik

Boba Fett by Tytton Sishertanto

See More Entries On Google+

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge! You all gave us truly intriguing designs from all styles and techniques. Visit the Psdtuts+ community on Google+ to see these entries and more from the challenge! And don’t forget, April 23rd starts the Typographic Illustration challenge. Have fun!

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