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Video: Design Challenge #7 Review With Stephen Petrany

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Last month for our latest Psdtuts+ Design Challenge, we asked you to create a spooky haunted house in Photoshop. Recently, Psdtuts+ editor Grant Friedman sat down for a Google+ Hangout to discuss a handful of the entries with community moderator, Melody Nieves, along with special guest and fellow Psdtuts+ author, Stephen Petrany. Let’s take a look!

Google+ Hangout Review

The Work of Stephen Petrany

Stephen Petrany is a talented graphic designer and instructor who has supplied us with many incredible tutorials here at Psdtuts+. Stay updated on his work by following him on Behance or check out his official site for more.

In Memoriam Koba - A Study of Photoshop by Stephen Petrany

Elephant Sundae by Stephen Petrany

Art Featured From This Challenge

Haunted House by Franck Beaume
Haunted House by Gabriel Schouten de Jel
Haunted House by Mirsini Anastasiou

Haunted House by Fighttuts

Haunted House by Fadi Akeel

Haunted Boat House by Niels Voogt

Inside The Haunted House by Quan Chung

Haunted Castle by Irina Young

See More Entries on Google+

Thanks to everyone who participated! If your work wasn’t reviewed, don’t worry! You can always enter these challenges for a chance to be featured in our monthly reviews. Visit the Psdtuts+ Community on Google+ to see these entries and more.

For our next challenge we want your feedback! Visit us on G+ or Facebook to vote on the next challenge and tell us what you would like to do next!

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