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Video: Design Challenge #5 Review

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Last month's Psdtuts+ Design Challenge brought in a total of 76 photo manipulations of zombies. Recently, Psdtuts+ editor Grant Friedman sat down for a Google+ Hangout to discuss a handful of the entries with community moderator and Psdtuts+ author, Melody Nieves. Let’s take a look!

Google+ Hangout Review

Art Featured From This Challenge

Zombie by Anthonio Garces
Zombie by Arjun Lama
Zombie Girlfriend by Avenson Navalta

Teddy Brain by Franck Beaume

Objects in Mirror Appear Closer by Niksa Fantela

Zombie Nerdy Jock by Jason O'Dell

The Last Walker by Ronald Eron

GQ Magazine Zombie by Michael Rosenberg

Zombie by Zak Seymour

See More Entries on Google+

Thanks to everyone who participated! If your work wasn’t featured, don’t worry! You can always enter these challenges for a chance to be featured in our monthly reviews. Visit the Psdtuts+ Community on Google+ to see these entries and more.

Be sure to show us your skills in our next challenge where we’ll have you Create a Character Concept.

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