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Video: Design Challenge #4 Review With James White

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Last month's Psdtuts+ Design Challenge brought in a total of 93 movie poster recreations. Recently, Psdtuts+ Editor Grant Friedman sat down with Psdtuts+ Google+ Community Moderator, Melody Nieves and special guest, James White of Signalnoise. White shared his expert insight into the art of the perfect movie poster, as well as the process behind his own incredible work. Let's take a look!

Google+ Hangout Review

The Work of James White

Check out the work of James White below. You can see more of White's work here on Psdtuts+. For more information about White's process including the Superman and Adobe illustrations he mentions in the hangout above, visit his Signalnoise Blog.

Terminator 2



Adobe Vs. Signalnoise for SDCC


Art Featured From This Challenge

The Birds by Rob Dorn

James Dean by Thomas Bailey

Reservoir Dogs by Fahseeh Rehman

The Shining by Michele Giuletti

Pulp Fiction by Kris Askey

Taxi Driver by Nate Bergeron

The Ring by Jiaan Co

War of the World by Nelson Aedo

Oblivion by Luis Romo

Gravity by Doaly Doal

See More Entries on Google+

Thanks to everyone who participated! If your work wasn't featured, don't worry! You can always enter these challenges for a chance to be featured in our monthly reviews. Visit the Psdtuts+ Community on Google+ to see these entries and more.

Be sure to show us your skills in our next challenge where we'll have you Zombify a Photo.

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