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Video Added to Psdtuts+ via Our New Vimeo Channel!


When it comes to learning, everyone has their own preference, whether it's through images, words or ... by watching! That's why I'm happy to announce that we've opened a Photoshop Video Channel at the very cool Vimeo video site for anyone and everyone to contribute to!

Latest Videos in the Sidebar

If you look down in our sidebar we now have a section showing the 8 most recent videos on our Photoshop Video Channel. Additionally Sean will be profiling the best couple of videos each month in a special post.

So if you're into making videos about Photoshop, speed painting, or tutorials, then join the channel and upload your videos. There will be lots of exposure and if they're really good you'll see them here on the site in Sean's wrap up post.

30 Videos Already...

To get the ball rolling the awesome duo of Gavin Steele and Howard Pinsky have uploaded 30 videos:

Gavin Steele

Gavin has been video-ing up some of our tutorials from Psdtuts+, so if you're feeling lazy to read all those words, then you can thank Gavin for bringing it all to life!

Here's one of Gavin's videos:

Howard Pinsky

Howard has been putting up some of his awesome video tutorials from his TUTCast project. They are really well put together and should make for some great watching!

Here's one of Howard's videos:


So enjoy the channel. We're still getting to know Vimeo, and they've recently introduced a Groups feature, so we'll keep our eyes peeled on how to make it a better experience for all.

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