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VECTORTUTS Site Suggestions are Moving to a More Robust System!

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We're moving our tutorial, articles, contest, and site suggestions to a new system. It offers numerous benefits, such as: enhanced interactivity, voting mechanisms, and more. We're excited to move this feature of VECTORTUTS to the Uservoice platform where the community can discuss ways to enhance the VECTORTUTS community.

Benefits of the New System

Our current suggestion page is being replaced with the Uservoice system. We have all of the TUTS sites connected with their own sections on the Uservoice site. For VECTORTUTS you can make suggestions on tutorials, articles, contests, and there is a page to suggest site changes as well. It's simple to signup and every user can vote and comment on suggestions. This way the best suggestions will naturally move to the top. It will also benefit from the threaded conversations as well.

We already have some suggestions started. See the VECTORTUTS Tutorial, Article, and Competition Suggestion Page. Also, the VECTORTUTS Site Suggestion and Feedback Page. Be sure to add your opinion as well!

There is more information on how Uservoice works on it's homepage or you can watch the demonstration video tour of Uservoice. If there are any questions on using the site, let me know in the comments below.

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