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Vectortuts has Officially Launched!

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We're super excited to launch the new site! Vectortuts has the same setup and is high on quality like Psdtuts+, only it focuses on vector tutorials. Check it out today and consider getting involved if you're a professional vector artist. We're looking for great vector tutorial writers, both regular and one off contributers, and article writers as well.

Vectortuts Launched

Vectortuts has released its first tutorial today. I'm really excited about the new site. It will be a lot of fun to build something as great as Psdtuts+ with a vector focus. The first tutorial is Create a Cool Water Ripple Effect in Illustrator by Tony Soh. You'll learn how to use illustrator to create both a water ripple effect and 3D meshed drops of water. Great start to the new site.

We'll have another tutorial tomorrow as well, and keep it going from there. I'll be editing the new site and writing vector tutorials over there as well. I'll still be editing Psdtuts+, though writing less articles here.


Vector Tutorial Writers

We're looking for both regular and one off tutorial writers for the new Vectortuts site. The main vector programs we're looking for tutorials on are Illustrator, Fireworks, and Corel Draw. Of course we'll review other suggestions as well. As with Psdtuts+ the focus is on creativity and a polished final result. The format is very similar to Psdtuts+ as well. See the Vectortuts Contribute page for more information. We pay US$150 per/tutorial.

Article Writers

The focus of both Psdtuts+ and Vectortuts is on tutorials, though we do publish one or two articles a week as well. Both sites are looking for article writers to fill this role. With articles we prefer that the complete articles are sent in for review. Feel free to use the contribute form that corresponds to each site.

Before submitting, Look at some of the articles that either Collis or I have written for guidance on subject matter and style. We're looking for someone that can fill this role without requiring a lot of direction. Look at the Tools & Tips posts, Inspiration posts, and other articles on the site. Approach this professionally and wow us! We require articles to be of similar length and depth as other articles on the site. We pay US$150 per/article.

Check out the New Vectortuts Site

Hop on over to the new Vectortuts site and sign up for the feed, as we'll be adding more great content on a regular basis!

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