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Vectortuts First Week a Success!


We're super excited that Vectortuts is off to such a great start! We've started a Vectortuts Flickr Group. Last week we had some great traffic and the subscribers are already in the thousands. Vector graphics is one of my passions. I'm really excited to see this site grow.

Vectortuts is Off to a Great Start

The first tutorial Create a Cool Water Ripple Effect in Illustrator by Tony Soh kicked off with over 100 comments. Mid week we crossed over the 4,000 RSS subscriber mark (it's currently 3,000+). There is lots of traffic and participation in the site already. The Tutorial Suggestion/Request page is seeing activity as well.

This week we announce the opening of the Vectortuts Flickr Group. Any vector artwork you have that you would like to share with the group feel free to post. This will be a great place to showcase what you learn through the tuts here on Vectortuts. Once we have some entries into the pool, we'll integrate a display of recent entries into the sidebar of Vectortuts.

We welcome Ryan Putnam (Rype) of Vectips as a weekly writer for Vectortuts. He's an exclusive iStockPhoto contributor and experienced vector tutorial writer. He's an illustrator with a diverse set of vector skills. It's great to have him on the team.

It was really exciting to see so many artists contact us the first week. Thanks to everyone who has sent in initial concepts and full tutorials to help the site get going so quickly. There are still plenty of publishing spots to fill. We look forward to working with more artists.

New Vector Tutorial Writers

We're looking for both regular and one off tutorial writers. The main vector programs we're looking for tutorials on are Illustrator, Fireworks, and Corel Draw. Of course we'll review other suggestions as well.

Vectortuts is part of the TUTS family of websites. As with PSDTUTS, the focus of tutorials is on creativity and a polished final result. The format is very similar to PSDTUTS as well. See the Vectortuts Contribute page for more information. We pay US$150 per/tutorial.

We are interested in building long term relationships with great tutorial writers. When writing tutorials let us know if you're interested in writing weekly. Typically, we'd review your first few tutorials and pay at the regular rate. Once it shows that the community likes your writing, we have opportunities for weekly writers to be filled. Weekly writers receive US$200 per/tutorial.

New Article Writers

The focus of Vectortuts is on tutorials, though we are interested in publishing an article each week as well. Send in either a complete article for review, or pitch us on an article concept. Feel free to use the contribute form.

Before submitting, Look at some of the articles that either Collis or I have written over at PSDTUTS for guidance on subject matter and style. Also, consider how topics would apply to vector graphics. Approach this professionally and wow us! We require articles to be of similar length and depth as articles on the PSDTUTS site. We pay US$150 per/article.

Keeping this Site Rockin'

There are more great tutorials coming this week, so stay tuned!

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