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VECTORTUTS Exclusive Freebies

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With the new theme and updated version of VECTORTUTS came new sections to the site. One of these sections is the Freebies area. You can find all sorts of vector freebies in this new section of the site, also we are adding exclusive freebies there as well. Download some and have fun!

We Have Some Freebies For You!

In case you missed it we've added quite a few freebies to the new Freebies section of the site. If you would like to submit one then see the Submissions page or the Submit Vector Graphics Form. We'll continually bring more of those each week. Numerous artists are choosing to release their vector sets through our site.

Also, we're out there contracting artists to design exclusive sets for us as well. Following are our first two Exclusive Vector Freebie Packs, which can only be found here at VECTORTUTS!

I'm re-listing these two exclusive freebies here to make sure everyone knows about them. They posted in the last couple weeks and the timing coincided with the new theme change of the site, and these announcements didn't make it to the front page. So, just in case you missed them, check them out below!

Freebie Vector Web Assets Pack

This first VECTORTUTS Freebie Vector Pack is designed by Jonathan, and is titled "Browser Screens and Website Elements." See the download file for usage restrictions. This versatile freebie is available to all at this Download Link.


New Exclusive Illustrator Watercolor Brushes

This is the first of upcoming Illustrator Brushes from VECTORTUTS. We have a new set of Illustrator brushes for you. If your looking to add a natural media feel to your vector illustrations, then this is a high-quality freebie to get your hands on. It's a huge set of brushes for you to grab.

This new Vector Freebie was created by Grant Friedman of Colorburned. He has been cranking out all sorts of vector and other freebies on his blog, we're excited to partner up with him on this release. There are over 90 brushes in this set, which makes it quite a large collection. Download them and have some fun!

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