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Vector Community Project: Show Us Your Wire Frames!


Everyone loves a taste of the behind the scenes magic of creating incredible art. And in this quick Tuts+ project, we want the vector community to give us a little peek into your process by showing your own vector wire frames.

What is a Vector Wire Frame?

When working in Adobe Illustrator, you can always choose to view your art in the outline mode. These outlines allow us to see a more simplified version of the extensive work that goes into creating your vector masterpiece.

How to Enter this Community Project:

  1. Upload both the original vector artwork plus the wire frame version to the comments section. Upload each work separately and Save for Web with a fixed width of 600 pixels.
  2. Include your name, website, or a short bio to help us learn more about you or your vector process!


  • Upload both the original work and wire frame versions to the comments section in order to be included in the community showcase. The deadline for submissions is September 30th, 2014.
  • All art must be 100% of your own work.
  • This project is only open to the vector community. But don't worry! We'll have more exciting projects coming soon to challenge the rest of our entire Design & Illustration community!
  • When you publish your artwork on this article, you agree that the graphic can be included in one or more articles on Tuts+ and perhaps shared with other readers on the Tuts+ network via social media. 
  • It's really that easy! So submit and have fun!

Wire Frames From Our Authors

This community project wouldn't be complete of course without a little inspiration from our own talented authors. Check out these great before and afters of their original artworks and wiref rame versions.

Yulia Sokolova

Yulia Sokolova Vector
Yulia Sokolova Wireframe

Ivan Petrusevki

Ivan Petrusevski Vector
Ivan Petrusevki Wireframe

Mary Winkler

Mary Winkler Vector
Mary Winkler Wireframe

Miss ChatZ

We've Show You Ours, Now Show Us Yours!

And feel free to let us know in the comments how these before and afters helped you learn more about the vector creative process.

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