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Tuts+ Workshop: Freestyle Map Infographic Challenge, Final Round!

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Our latest Tuts+ Workshop Design Challenge asked you to create a Freestyle Map Infographic based on whatever theme you wish! We received several designs over on the Vectortuts+ Facebook page and we're so proud to share with you the creative and colorful designs you have submitted to the challenge.

Tuts+ Workshop: Freestyle Map Infographic Challenge, Final Round!

Check out these great vector infographics by our readers in this first and final installment. Don't worry if you've missed this challenge, there is a new Tuts+ Workshop just around the corner!

Christof JorkChristof JorkChristof Jork

Christof Jork

I´m working in German Film productions, so I have to get permits for every location that we want to shoot at.

I work in Illustrator to do the maps and use Google maps as reference. I add the road layer, building layer, symbol layer etc.

David MooreDavid MooreDavid Moore

David Moore

I’m David – web designer at Symphony Online, this community project got me thinking about a cool way to show some of our website stats since launch.

Check out David Moore's website.

Holly BonosHolly BonosHolly Bonos

Holly Bonos

Hello, I work for SNL Financial in the news department. I manage the production department and I sometimes get to create infographics for articles posted online.

This particular map I did for the HR Department. The challenge was to depict the various points of data from our offices around the world. I really enjoyed putting this one together.

Kim HartKim HartKim Hart

Kim Hart

I learned graphic design at the advent of computer graphics, and have only recently gotten into vector drawing. The company where I work recently had a party to celebrate its 30th anniversary, and I created this map to send along with the invitations. It doesn't have a huge amount of detail as most of our guests are familiar with the area and/or have visited before.

My employer threw a 30th anniversary party recently and I was tasked with making a location/site map.

Since most of our guests know the area, a tremendous amount of detail wasn't required, so it was fun to throw in something like the ferries and compass rose.

I have a background in graphic design (from way back), but Illustrator is still fairly new to me. This map was a blast to create!

Check out Kim Hart's website.

Libby McCaldenLibby McCaldenLibby McCalden

Libby McCalden

I am a cartographer and graphic designer who designs all of my maps in Illustrator. Most of my map work is created for wedding packages. This is one example of my wedding work.

I love creating maps, looking at maps, thinking about maps. This is a great Workshop!

Check out Libby McCalden's website.

Matthew BowringMatthew BowringMatthew Bowring

Matthew Bowring

I used the tutorials on the site to help with the map and the pins (thanks for those). The infographic is based on education in Thailand (Where I live and work). Specifically on the failings going on right now.

Check out Matthew Bowring's deviantArt where you can view a larger version of this infographic.

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