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Tuts+ Workshop: Created by You, Round Four

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We publish a wide variety of tutorials and tips on Vectortuts+, but it's not often we get to see the other side of our tutorials. In our "Created by You" Tuts+ Workshop, we shine a spotlight on the fantastic work created by the students of Vectortuts+ and give you the opportunity to take part in Round Five! Find out how you can join in on the next installment after the jump!


From time to time, we have readers show us what they've been able to create by using our tutorials or what's been inspired by one of our tutorials. Often seeing what others have made inspires others to give it a go. This is what this Tuts+ Workshop is all about... sharing with our readers what you've created!

Tuts+ Workshop: Created by You, Round Four

Check out these great vector pieces by our readers in this fourth installment and then find out how you can join in on this Tuts+ Workshop. There is more to come so if you don't see your vector here, keep your eyes open for the next one.

Barbara O'Neal

"Hello, My name is Barbara O'Neal, and I am a 52 yr old self-taught graphics designer from North Florida USA. My first love was Photoshop, but when I learned my way around Illustrator, I fell in love with the clean crisp lines and scalability of it all! I still use Photoshop daily, but when I close down at the end of my workday, I relax with several Vectortuts+ tutorials!

I have learned SO much from the Vectortuts+ and the whole Tuts+ network. They make learning fun, easy, and inspiring. Not to mention the fact that they give you a lot of tips and tricks that you won't learn anywhere else. Things that will make your work flow better and faster."

Barbara used two tutorials as inspiration for her illustration: Create a Swirly Lollipop Using the Spiral Tool and Creating an Environmentally Friendly Green Type Treatment.

Char Lena

Char Lena on deviantArt

Char used How to Create Realistic, Vector Bubbles to create this T-shirt design.


"My name is Jeanna, I'm 30 years old, and I'm an undergraduate student working towards a degree in multimedia design and development. I've got zero skill as a traditional style artist, but Illustrator, Photoshop, and other similar programs have let me really explore my artistic side. When I'm not doing 'the arts', I'm usually sitting at my computer or in front of a console, gaming."

Jeanna on deviantArt

Jenna also used Creating an Environmentally Friendly Green Type Treatment to create her rendition of this great type treatment.

Kim Hart

"Hi! Last year I had to create a fruit crate label as part of an assignment - the perfect situation to use gradient mesh.

I was very intimidated by it but this Vectortuts+ tutorial helped me immensely. The pomegranate, arils, and blossoms were all fleshed out using this method."

Kim used Illustrate a Pair of Sweet Gradient Mesh Cherries to create elements in her design.

Masai The Mastodon

"I did this tutorial last year for a project in my digital design class. I'd love to have it showcased. I'm - for the most part- a beginner digital artist. I enjoy drawing anime in particular and I want to better my abilities at drawing as much as I can. For me, it's a strong form of expression and a great hobby. I just recently got a tablet, so of course things will be much smoother, faster, and enjoyable."

Masai on deviantArt

Masai used How to Create a Stinking Zombie Flesh-Eater in Illustrator for this illustration.

Sajib Srs

Sajib used Create a Brightly Colored Progress Bar Using Transparency Settings and the Appearance Panel to recreate this user interface element.

Tiffany Francis

"Hello, my name is Tiffany Francis, I am 22 years of age from Trinidad and Tobago. I am currently a student at Pixels Art and Design Institute. I've only recently gotten into the graphic design world and loving every moment of it. The tutorials on the website are amazing and helps me learn a lot, thanks so much!"

Tiffany on deviantArt

Tiffany used Create a Loving Cup of Tea in Illustrator CS5 to create her own cup of tea.

Toni Chen

"My name is Toni Chen, and I'm currently studying game design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I have a lot of different interests when it comes to art, but I've never been able to settle on just one program, or one style. I think variation is fun, and I'm always looking for new tutorials to help apply my talents differently."

Toni on deviantArt

Toni used How to Create a Cute Bunny Vector Character to create her own spin on this popular tutorial.

Tony Silvia

"My name is Tony Silvia, I'm a designer and e-mail marketing specialist for small business and non profits. I love these tutorials and I try to make sure I do at least one a week because I always pick up some little trick or technique that I can bring back to my design work."

Tony on the Web

Tony used Quick Tip: How To Create a Cup Of Coffee in Top View to create this illustration.

Vic Phan

"My name is Vic Phan. I have been drawing even before I learned how to speak. I found this tutorial as a random search on Google, when I wanted to touch up on my Illustrator skill. It taught me a few new hot keys and showed me shortcuts that I never thought of. All in all it was a simple to follow tutorial."

Vic on deviantArt

Vic used Create a Super Happy Octopus Character to draw this cute illustration.

How to Get Involved!

Would you like to show off what you've been able to create by following our tutorials? Are you proud of what you have achieved? Join the Vectortuts+ Facebook page and post what you've created by using a Vectortuts+ tutorial.


  • Artwork must have a visible similarity to one of the tutorials on the website, so readers can see what they could possibly achieve! It doesn't have to be perfect, nor does it have to look exactly like the end tutorial result, just similar.
  • We have readers checking out the Vectortuts+ Facebook page, so please link to the tutorial you used so others can check it out also.
  • You may submit more than one design, however we may spread the pieces over different articles to give other people a chance to shine as well.
  • When you publish your work on Facebook, please include one or two paragraphs about yourself and/or your work and a link to your website/online portfolio. We love knowing more about our readers, especially when we see how much creativity and talent they have!
  • Have fun! All submissions are welcome - regardless of whether you've been vectoring one month or ten years!
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