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Tuts+ Survey: Winners Announced

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Four weeks ago we launched the biggest Tuts+ Survey ever. We did this because we love the community of readers we have at Tuts+ and your opinion is incredibly valuable to us. The whole team was overwhelmed by the amazing response!

We also had several fantastic prize bundles up for grabs, and the winners have now been chosen. The winning entries were selected by the Tuts+ team based on the most interesting and memorable 50 word responses to the prize question. Reading through the answers given to the prize question proved what we already knew about the Tuts+ community, that it's diverse, passionate, and full of incredible people!

Read on to find out who the winners are and their responses to the prize question along with some interesting statistics from the survey.

The Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Johnny Voruz

Self Taught. No Student Loans. No Student Debt. No College Diploma. No "who-you-know" connections. Full-Time Employed by a Fortune 500 company making above national average income in a tough economy. That's the power of online learning. Tuts+Passion = Success.

Runner Up: Maria Mania

I was on the verge of losing my house and had no faith left in myself or my skills. But soon I discovered that by catching up on my field and refining techniques there's a whole world of opportunities for those who bet on knowledge & dedication!

  • Grosocial Kickstart training on social media (worth $800)
  • Freshbooks Evergreen account for one year (worth $359)
  • Filter Forge 3.0 Professional Edition (worth $399)
  • Digest Magazine bundle (worth $19)
  • Tuts+ Premium one year subscription (worth $180)

Honourable Mentions:


I've never taken an education related to software, but I now own my own company, and I work as co-owner and CTO at another with 6 employees. I'm btw only 18 years old and my paycheck reach beyond those of my parents, even combined. Thank you Envato and thank you internet.

Steve Robillard

I have a disability which has increasingly limited my ability to travel, write or even sit comfortably. With Tuts+ I can learn new skills in my own time without travelling etc. and maintain my skills and ability to work. There is immense pleasure that comes from being useful and working.

Samantha Davis

Online learning has allowed me to afford learning on my own, when my employer could not fund training. It has re-ignited the creative spark in me and allowed me to explore outlets for creativity that have enriched me as a person. I truly appreciate communities dedicated to this effort.

  • Freshbooks Evergreen account for one year (worth $359)
  • Filter Forge 3.0 Professional Edition (worth $399)
  • Digest Magazine bundle (worth $19)
  • Tuts+ Premium one year subscription (worth $180)

Editor Favourites:

Mohammed E. Helewa

After graduation I found that all that I had were theories and thoughts. But nothing to apply in the real world. After I found Tuts+ they gave me 2 months free. I've changed and I have a quote: "Traditional college gave me a piece of paper... The internet gave me a job" :)

Gregg Nakamura

It's provided a means for continuous learning, current to today's technologies, at a pace that fits my needs, requirements, and desires. Without it, I would not be the professional that I am today.

Troy Peterson

For me, Online learning has removed the phrase: "Sorry, I don't know how to do that." from my vocabulary. That phrase has now been replaced by: "Give me a few days, I'll learn how."

Derrick Koon

I began as a truck driver with a wife and 3 kids working for a small lumber company, I began getting up at 4:30am every morning and studying online about web design. 4 years later, I make 5 times what I did before and work at a university.

Chris Hodge

Via online educational content, I've learned 4 new coding languages, 2 new spoken languages, and immensely improved my use of visual languages. It has transformed me from a Consumer into a Creator.

  • Freshbooks Evergreen account for one year (worth $359)
  • Digest Magazine bundle (worth $19)
  • Tuts+ Premium one year subscription (worth $180)

The Survey

Here are some interesting statistics from the survey:

  • 4,386 people completed the survey!
  • 2,892 people entered the contest by answering the 50 words or less question “How has online learning changed your life for the better?”
  • The entire Tuts+ team was enlisted to help us go through each and every response. There were some amazing stories there and it was extremely hard choosing just ten winners.

The top five areas you'd like to see us improve were:

  • More content depth (35%)
  • Better content format (32%)
  • Wider range of topics (32%)
  • Better quality content (26%)
  • Improved search (22%)

Again we'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered the survey! You will play a very important role in helping us improve Tuts+ and bring you better content and services. We’re already using the information you gave us to make Tuts+ better than ever!

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