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Tuts+ Premium Mid-Year Sale – 25% off Yearly Subscriptions


2013 is flying past – it's already July! But there's still plenty of time left to skill up and really make the most of 2013.

Tuts+ Premium has a huge collection of courses, tutorials, eBooks and guides on hundreds of creative and technical topics. And right now you can get 25% off a yearly subscription – a cumulative saving of $93 on the monthly price!

Join Tuts+ Premium

It’s not too late to learn new skills in 2013! Be it developing your own web app, drawing like a professional artist, or hundreds of other topics and techniques, our extensive library of educational material can help you make the most of the rest of your year. Our dedicated team adds new content weekly so there's always something fresh to sink your teeth into.

With Tuts+ Premium you learn from expert instructors in every field, such as:

    • Designer Justin Maller (Nike, Verizon, DC Shoe Co.)
    • Illustrator Russell Tate (McDonald’s, Coca-Cola)
    • Developer Burak Guzel (Software Engineer at Facebook)

Simply sign up before 12pm on July 22nd, 2013 (AEST) to save 25% on a yearly membership. For just $135, you’ll have access to our huge collection of courses, tutorials, eBooks and guides for an entire year – a cumulative saving of $93 off the monthly price.

Join Tuts+ Premium now and save 25% on a yearly subscription!

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