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Tuts+ Podcast Episode 2 - The Business of Logo Design

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This post is part of a series called Logo and Identity Design.
Quick Tip: Create a Colorful Sliced Sphere to use as a Logo Design

In this episode we discuss the business of logo design. This will include information on both the create and business side of the industry. First we will talk a little about the creative process of logo design. Where do the ideas come from? How do you decide what style is most appropriate? How much input does the client get?

Afterwords, we talk about how to market yourself as a logo designer. How do you get your first clients? How do you figure out what to charge? What is a logo designers best marketing tool? We have some great discussions with guests Von Glitcha and Dickie Adams, both regulars of our popular Freelance Switch podcast: Freelance Radio.

We've Done it Again

This is our second Tuts+ podcast, so we are still learning the ropes. Please leave your feedback in the comments section on how we can improve future episodes. Also, make sure to tell us what you'd like to hear next time. Enjoy!

All music and sounds supplied by the very awesome AudioJungle!

  • Length: 1 hour


In the News

Article 1: "iStock opens can of nasty worms"

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Article 2: "Your Halloween Costume Sucks"

    Check out these awesome Halloween costumes from the DragonCon convention. As some of you may know, many people dress up at these sort of events as their favorite fantasy related character. These blow away just about anybody's costume this year.

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