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TUTS is looking for a designer!


Normally I post all my jobs on our FreelanceSwitch job board but since today I'm looking for a designer I thought I would open this up to the entire Psdtuts+ audience. In short, we're looking for a freelance designer to work on our growing list of Eden projects with me! If you think that might be you, then read on.

Up until now all our websites and projects have been designed, HTML-ed, and themed up by me, but lately I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed. So we're looking for a freelancer to help ease the load.

What You'll Be Working On

We have some very exciting projects going on and you'll get to work on sites that are viewed by a very large audience. In fact I discovered recently that the Eden sites receive on average a visitor every second. So if you've ever wanted your work seen by literally bazillions of people, here's your chance!

We have a series of projects for you to work on including some small trial stuff, then to design a TUTSPLUS hub site and then to redesign/refresh the WordPress theme we use for Psdtuts+, VECTORTUTS, NETTUTS and AUDIOTUTS - yes you'll get to redesign Psdtuts+! :-)

And then there's lot more stuff after that. We *love* new projects here so there's never a shortage of work to do!

What We're Looking For

We're looking for someone who can stand on their own two (design) feet, produce good looking design work that is extremely functional, and build it into HTML/CSS/JS/WordPress.

You need to be experienced and have a strong portfolio, particularly with regards to blog design as we do a lot of that.

You will need to be able to produce both new styles and looks and work within existing ones. For example with a Psdtuts+ redesign, you would need to work to make something that is a continuation of the theme rather than a whole new look. On the other hand other times you will need to put together something brand new.

You will also need to be happy doing all sorts of different jobs - from designing a MySpace page to a Blog Design to a banner.

In terms of skillset, these are the critical skills:

  1. Design / Photoshop
  2. Strong WordPress Theming Knowledge
  3. Good HTML/CSS Ability
  4. Ability to Design Usable and Fresh looking Designs
  5. Ability to Match Designs to Existing Looks
  6. Good Communication
  7. You have to be nice to work with! :-)

And of course if you can do things like use jQuery and Flash, then that's also pretty neat!

How to Apply

Email me at collis [@] eden.cc with the subject line "DESIGN ROCKSTAR" < -- that's a super important instruction, so I can filter my email properly!

Include in it links to your portfolio site and/or websites you've designed, and maybe a little bit about you please.

Once a week has passed I'll collect the top few candidates and get a few more details, and then choose someone.

So that's it, if you have any questions you can leave a comment. Thank you very much all for taking the time to read my job ad and for those who choose to apply, thank you in advance for applying! I'm looking forward to reading your emails!

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