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Tuts+ Community Project—Past and Present: Show Us Your First Creations!

You must crawl before you can walk. Artists can relate to this idea like no other. And from time to time, we all need to be reminded just how far we've come.

What Was the First Thing You Ever Created?

For our final Community Project of 2014 we want you to share your creative journey with us! Let's take a stroll down memory lane. Remember all those bumps and blunders along the way? Yeah, we want to see those too! 

Art is hard. And as artists, we're even harder on ourselves. So sometimes you just have to take a step back and accept that although you may be imperfect, you are always growing. Celebrate this process with us by joining our community project below!

How to Enter this Community Project

  1. Upload your past and present art comparisons to the comments section below. Remember to Save for Web with a fixed width of 600 pixels.
  2. As always, include your name and a brief bio of yourself.

Has your experience been a difficult one? What resources did you look to in order to improve your skills over time? Share your story with us and help others know they aren't alone in this creative journey!


  • Upload one example each of both your past and present work to the comments section in order to be included in the community showcase. The deadline for submissions is December 30th, 2014.
  • All art media are welcome. Seriously, dig up anything you have, the older the better!
  • When you publish your artwork on this article, you agree that the graphic can be included in one or more articles on Tuts+ and perhaps shared with other readers on the Tuts+ network via social media.
  • It's really that easy! So submit and have fun!

A Blast From the Past: Tuts+ Instructor Style

I don't know about you, but my first digital art piece was pretty horrendous. Check out the first creations of our fellow Tuts+ instructors and get inspired to share your own work with us!

Sebastiaan van der Velden

First Work

Sebastiann van der Velden Past Art

Most Recent

Sebastiaan van der Velden Present Art

Tuts+ Instructor Profile: Sebastiaan van der Velden
I mainly focus on teaching people how to do image editing with Pixelmator. I don't focus too much on things that have to look cool design-wise, therefore I rarely keep the stuff I make. However, I wanted to share two screenshots. One from my earliest tutorial back in 2008 using Pixelmator 1.0. And the other from my latest tutorial using Pixelmator 3.2. The fun part with the first version was that although the app was limited, one could actually do quite a lot in the drawing department using various methods of selecting, then using strokes and fills. In Pixelmator 3.2 there is now vector support and I personally find it more suitable for post processing than making images from scratch. Things have become much  easier for designers to work with Pixelmator!

Asher Benson

First Work

Asher Benson Past Art

Most Recent

Asher Benson Present Art

Tuts+ Instructor Profile: Asher Benson
These works are dated from 2006 to 2014.

Yulia Sokolova

First Work

Yulia Sokolova Past Art

Most Recent

Yulia Sokolova Present Art

Tuts+ Instructor Profile: Yulia Sokolova
"La Muerte Girl" was the very first piece I made in Adobe Illustrator, which remained unfinished. It was created five years ago and before that I was drawing in Photoshop only. The second one, "The Tattoo Girl," was made this year using the same technique with outlines. This picture took part in the Odessa contest, "The Door Into Summer".

Sharon Milne

First Work

Sharon Milne Past Art

Most Recent

Sharon Milne Present Art

Tuts+ Instructor Profile: Sharon Milne
"Geneva" is my first vexel portrait from about 14 years ago, and the "Day of the Dead" is my most recent vector portrait from 2014.

Miss Chat*Z

First (Left) and Most Recent (Right)

Miss ChatZ Past and Present Art

Tuts+ Instructor Profile: Miss Chat*Z
Here's an old piece, recently re-worked.

Melody Nieves

First Work

Melody Nieves Past Art

Most Recent

Melody Nieves Present Art

Tuts+ Instructor Profile: Melody Nieves
My favorite artist is Frida Kahlo. Naturally in her honor I've made plenty of self-portraits throughout the years. The first one is from 2007. I think I was using Corel Paint Shop Pro at the time. I had an affinity for the vexel art movement and tried unsuccessfully to replicate those techniques. My present piece is a remake of my recent self-portrait for the Selfie Challenge here on Tuts+. Since I'm in this phase of trying to better my technique, I keep going back to older pieces and reworking the compositions.

Nataliya Dolotko

First Work

Nataliya Dolotko Past Art

Most Recent

Nataliya Dolotko Present Art

Tuts+ Instructor Profile: Nataliya Dolotko
This is a quick comparison of past and present works with the same education theme.

Show Us Your Creative Journey!

Help us close out 2014 with a bang! Seeing where you started is always a humbling experience and a great reminder of your growth as artists. Share your journey with us below!

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