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Tuts+ Community Challenge: Created by You, July Edition

Welcome to our monthly feature of fantastic tutorial results created by you, the Tuts+ community! Every day visitors like you take the time to not only read our tutorials but try them out. This is an assortment of those comment submissions found throughout the Design & Illustration section. Check out this round of results and join in for the next roundup, published next month!

Vector Tutorial Results

The first set of pieces were taken from the comment sections of vector tutorials in an assortment of vector drawing programs. Check out the results below!

How to Create a Stylized Captain's Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

Magdalena shared her whimsical version of the sea captain design with a tutorial by .

"Yulia, you have a magnificent imagination. Great tutorial, as always."
Magdalenas whimsical sea captain piece

How to Create a Stylized Chinese Zodiac Icon Set in Adobe Illustrator

User Duken created a set of stylized zodiac icons based on the tutorial by Mary Winkler.

"Gracias por el tutorial."
Dukens set of chinese zodiac icons

Creating a Simple Kawaii Yeti With Basic Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

Undergroundman shared an adorable yeti result with help from 's sweet tutorial.

"Here's mine! Had some trouble with some of it so it looks a bit different. Like the arms and lack of details. But I think he looks pretty darn cute anyways! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!"
Undergroundmans take on Amanda Tepies yeti design

How to Create a Detailed Pencils Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Alejandro Artiles Castellano created a fantastic set of vector pencils thanks to Andrei Marius's tutorial.

"Thanks! Here are my pencils."
Alejandro Artiles Castellanos vector pencil set

How to Create a Valentine's Day Cupid Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Husain Regal joined us over on the scalable side of things with his take on this Valentine's Day-inspired tutorial by .

"Hey there! I am new to illustrator. In fact this is the first time ever I used it. Your tutorial taught me well. Thanks a lot!"
Husain Regals valentines day tutorial

How to Create a Detailed Key Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

User Peachybones put her own Sailor Moon-inspired spin on this gorgeous key illustration tutorial by .

"I attempt this with a different key, it was very fun to make! Thanks for the tut."
Peachyboness sailormoon-inspired key illustration

How to Create a Bouquet of Spring Flowers in Adobe Illustrator

Jamie Werner commented with her lovely flower bouquet from a tutorial by .

"Thanks for the post! Tweaked mine slightly."
Jamie Werners flower bouquet design

Create a Dimensional Raindrop Desktop Wallpaper Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Cvetallia Geo shared her own winter-inspired version, adapting the vector techniques from Mary Winkler's tutorial for use in Adobe Photoshop.

"This is mine."
Cvetallia Geo shared her own winter-inspired version

How to Create a Flat Grayscale Cityscape in Adobe Illustrator

Hecton Eciro commented with a delightful version of Yulia Sokolova's quaint cityscape tutorial.

"Took a time, but I finished. Thanks for the tutorial, great work."
Hecton Eciros cityscape design

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Results

This next set of tutorial results was taken from the comment sections of various Adobe Photoshop tutorials published here on Tuts+, and the contributions range from text effects to patterns and more! Check out the results below.

How to Create a Realistic Neon Light Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Keyzar shared his personalized result from Rose's enlightening text effect tutorial.

"Thanks! Made in Czech Republic."
Keyzars personalized neon lettering result

Create a Simple, Elegant Textured Metal Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Emre Sayin shared his take on this fabulous metallic text effect from a tutorial by .

Emre Sayins personalized text effect design

Photo Effects Week: Create a Fantasy Miniature World in Photoshop

Kani Poly shared a version of this surreal photo illustration from a tutorial by .

"I've just done this tutorial. So great!"
Kani Polys surreal photo illustration piece

Create a Stitched Denim Text Effect in Photoshop

Israa Essa shared this delightful denim text effect result from a tutorial by .

"wOOW! Thanks tut. "
Israa Essas denim text effect design

Create a Jaguar Style Folder Icon

Pagnha Nick shared a version of this imaginative folder icon tutorial by .

"Thank you! Here is mine below."
Pagnha Nick shared their version of this imaginative folder icon tutorial

How to Paint Realistic Eyes in Adobe Photoshop

Kattie put her digital painting skills to the test with this realistic eye tutorial from .

"I'm just starting with Photoshop. Here is my result, based on your tutorial."
Katties digitally painted eye

How to Create a Delicious Green Apple Illustration

LaMin shared this beautiful digitally painted apple piece based on 's tutorial.

"My work."
LaMin shared their beautifully digitally painted apple piece

Design Results

The final set of results are taken from assorted design tutorials that don't fit in the two previous categories, such as print design, cartoons, and more. Check out the pieces users created below!

Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw a Cartoon Face Correctly

Krissi shared her sketches of a variety of cartoon faces thanks to Carlos Gomes Cabral's tutorial.

"This was an awesome tutorial, I can't believe the results! I am really excited about getting better! Now I need to have the confidence to build my own characters! Can't wait for your next tutorial!"
Krissis cartoon face sketches

Design a Hardback Cover for a Young Adult Fiction Book in Adobe InDesign

Jared Scommented with his humorous take on a young adult novel cover from Grace Fussell's tutorial.

"Thank you for the tutorial! I really enjoyed this project, and it was a great starter course for InDesign. Here's my submission, make sure to check the back cover."
Jared Ss book cover design

How to Create a Historical Fiction Book Cover in Adobe InDesign

Rob Griffith was able to enhance his own book with a historical fiction book cover design from Grace Fussell's tutorial.

"Thanks for posting such a great tutorial. I've been looking for inspiration for a cover for my novel for quite a while. My new cover is already live on Amazon and improving sales."
rob griffiths book cover design

Create a BBQ Flyer to Celebrate Australia Day in Adobe InDesign

User Crysander took this poster design to task with a Hanami party theme (cherry blossom viewing) using Grace Fussell's tutorial.

'Dear Grace, Thanks again for a great tutorial. Based on your tips I have created a flyer for a Hanami party in Tokyo. All the best, Crysander"
Crysanders hanami party poster design

How to be Involved in the Next Showcase

Have you created a piece based on one of our tutorials here in the Design & Illustration section of Tuts+? We're keen for you to share your results with us! Check out the general guidelines below to join in with our community:

  • Your artwork should be similar in some way to the tutorial that you followed or that inspired it. The aim of these showcases is to share what readers have created after following the tutorial.
  • Comment on the tutorial you used, attaching an image of your result. We're keen on all levels of ability: from beginner to advanced!
  • Include a comment about your result, yourself, or your process. We like knowing about you and what you're sharing.
  • Share the tutorial when you share that artwork elsewhere on the web. If you've posted your piece on sites like Facebook, Tumblr or Behance, link back to the tutorial so that other users know your source and can join in on the fun.

Many thanks to the users highlighted above who shared their results with the Tuts+ community. I look forward to checking out your brilliant versions of our tutorials in the near future, and welcome users new and old to participate in upcoming showcases.

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