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Trend Watch: Retro 90s Design

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The 90s are making a comeback all over design! Let's find out why in this article below!

Trend Watch: Retro 90s Design

Jean vests, baggy overalls, and funky flannels were just a few of the highlights of the 90s. And whether you love it or hate it, nostalgic retro design is making a comeback now more than ever.

Nostalgia has a way of inviting happy memories of times long forgotten. So designers are paying homage to their favorite TV shows and fashionable styles with the popular retro 90s trend.

90s Dj Flyer90s Dj Flyer90s Dj Flyer
90s DJ Flyer

What We Love About This Trend

Who doesn't love the 90s!? Here are just a few key features from this era:

  • Bold colors. Pink, yellow, blue—you name it, we wore it. Integrate these vibrant colors with funky patterns and black outlines for a classic 90s aesthetic.
  • Fun fashion statements. The 90s were all about expression. From grunge fashion to popular flannel patterns, you can incorporate your favorite fashionable styles by looking at their patterns and textures.
  • Abstract Shapes. Geometry was huge in the 90s! Polka-dot patterns and bold abstract shapes were a standard among 90s-themed graphics. Mix and match shapes with bold colors for a clever effect!
  • Inspiring Musical Themes. From grunge songs to your favorite hip-hop jams and more, the 90s were a special time in music. Integrate retro boomboxes into your work for an epic twist!

Nostalgic 90s-Inspired Lessons

Relive your favorite shows and more with these 90s tutorials. Learn how to create professional party flyers, patterns, and even photo effects from our experts!

20 Epic 90s-Themed Design Assets

Can't get enough of the 90s? Download these premium resources from Envato Market and Envato Elements to aid in your retro designs.

Explore this collection of high-quality assets, from cool party posters to business cards and more!

90's Music Flyer

There's no party like a 90s themed party! So get all your friends together and put on your best retro fashion for a fun night out. Download this clean flyer template complete with free fonts and vector graphics. Celebrate your favorite 90s moments!

90s Music Flyer90s Music Flyer90s Music Flyer

90's DJ Flyer

This trendy DJ flyer is one of the classic ways we're starting to see this theme play out. It features bold pastel colors and simple triangular shapes. Add a photo with the same theme to really help this flyer pop! Enjoy this template!

90s DJ Flyer90s DJ Flyer90s DJ Flyer

Memphis Business Card Template

Your business cards should feature a design you're happy to pass out! This Memphis business card template is not only stylish but also super cool! The print-ready file is fully customizable with high-resolution elements. Let us know how you like it!

Memphis Business Card TemplateMemphis Business Card TemplateMemphis Business Card Template

Pop Punk Music Flyer

Whether you love pop or punk music, you'll definitely love this creative music flyer. This pack features six Illustrator and Photoshop files that are 100% vector. Update it with your event details to use it right away!

Pop Punk Music FlyerPop Punk Music FlyerPop Punk Music Flyer

Hip-hop 90s Illustrations Pack

The music of the 90s was like no other. And you can show off your stylish fashionable side with this awesome hip-hop illustration pack. A vector EPS file with 14 total illustrations, these graphics can be used for icons and more!

Hip-hop 90s Illustrations PackHip-hop 90s Illustrations PackHip-hop 90s Illustrations Pack

Retro Funky 3D Text Effects

Create a bold title like your favorite retro TV shows with this funky 3D text effect. Included are 10 well-organized Photoshop files with editable elements you can customize fast. Choose from several bold color schemes and even unique textures!

Retro Funky 3D Text EffectsRetro Funky 3D Text EffectsRetro Funky 3D Text Effects

90s Revival Flyer Template

This epic design duo features not only a 90s revival flyer but also a GIF Photoshop action. Turn your flyers into an exciting animation ready for any social media profile or website. Download it today to get access to fully editable elements.

90s Revival Flyer Template90s Revival Flyer Template90s Revival Flyer Template

Vintage 90s Style Elements Set

Another great set you should definitely download is this vintage 90s element pack. With around 20 party-themed elements, you'll be able to incorporate these vector pieces into any nostalgic design. Mash them up for the ultimate 90s graphic!

Vintage 90s Style Elements SetVintage 90s Style Elements SetVintage 90s Style Elements Set

90's Music Festival Flyer

Keeping along with the theme is this 90s music festival flyer. A great option for beginners to design, this pack includes several Photoshop files and easily editable layers. You'll adore the classic 90s vibe for your next musical event!

90s Music Festival Flyer90s Music Festival Flyer90s Music Festival Flyer

Flyer 90's Night Party

From cassette tapes to retro boomboxes and more, this party flyer is completely packed with 90s nostalgia! Some of the fonts featured include accessible options like Bebas Neue, along with print-ready files for your convenience. Try it out!

Flyer 90s Night Party Flyer 90s Night Party Flyer 90s Night Party

Classic Pop Disco Flyer

Become the star of your next event with this pop disco flyer template. A new spin on a classic design, this template features abstract shapes and a bold pink color scheme. Just swap out the model's photo for one of your best glam shots!

Classic Pop Disco FlyerClassic Pop Disco FlyerClassic Pop Disco Flyer

90's is Back Flyer

Welcome back the 90s in style! Created with both horizontal and vertical versions, this retro flyer template is both bold and striking! Show all your friends a night of fun with incredible music and good company. You'll love this design!

90s is Back Flyer 90s is Back Flyer 90s is Back Flyer

Vintage Storage Icons

The modern world has left behind these vintage storage items, but we can still remember them in spirit! Make your retro graphics complete with this vintage set of storage icons made with Adobe Illustrator. Get 10 total icons available in several formats.

Vintage Storage IconsVintage Storage IconsVintage Storage Icons

6 Retro Text Mock-ups

Add a grunge text effect to your party flyer or typography poster in only minutes! This awesome mockup set includes six vintage-inspired text mockups with classic styles you'll love. Easily change the colors and backgrounds to customize it fast!

6 Retro Text Mock-ups6 Retro Text Mock-ups6 Retro Text Mock-ups

Vintage Flyer Template

Open up any party with your favorite 90s tunes and this vintage party flyer! Featuring a mixture of grunge design and bold colors for that old-school vibe, this template is simple and easy to use. The model images aren't included, though, so just replace them with your own!

Vintage Flyer Template Vintage Flyer Template Vintage Flyer Template

Emboss Grunge Photoshop Action

One way to show off your love of 90s grunge is with an epic Photoshop action. And this action can transform your photos with just a few simple clicks! Follow along with the attached video tutorial for more tips to achieve the perfect effect!

Emboss Grunge Photoshop ActionEmboss Grunge Photoshop ActionEmboss Grunge Photoshop Action

Grunge Core Rock Concert Flyer

Or rock out with this wicked grunge core concert flyer. It's designed with incredibly realistic grunge texture and chunky letters, and you'll be able to swap out the main photo for one of your own. Also included are 10 different color schemes to try out!

Grunge Core Rock Concert FlyerGrunge Core Rock Concert FlyerGrunge Core Rock Concert Flyer

12 Retro Photoshop Text Effects

This awesome pack of retro text effects includes cool 90s-themed options you'll definitely want! Get access to so many styles that can be used in a variety of design scenarios. A convenient help file is also included for more information.

12 Retro Photoshop Text Effects12 Retro Photoshop Text Effects12 Retro Photoshop Text Effects

Thunderstorm Font

Thunderstorm has a familiar Saved By the Bell vibe that is hard to miss. This font is a handmade typeface inspired by several classic periods like the 80s, the 90s, and beyond. Use it for amazing quotes, apparel, or even logos.

Thunderstorm FontThunderstorm FontThunderstorm Font

House Party Flyer

Make sure to invite your favorite Photoshop instructor to a fun 90s-themed house party. This cool template features a creative typographic design with plenty of room for your party details. Enjoy the print-ready design complete with editable fonts and text.

House Party FlyerHouse Party FlyerHouse Party Flyer

Show Us Your 90s Designs!

If you're as fond of this retro trend as we are, then show us your work! Post a result showing how you work with the vintage 90s theme and let us know your favorite styles in the comments below.

This has been a collection of tutorials and premium resources perfect for the avid designer. For more trendy retro 90s designs, check out Envato Market and Envato Elements. Happy designing!

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