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Time-Savers: 400+ Stock Images, Retro Vectors

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Stock images can save you many hours of work on illustration and allow you to focus your attention on the important task of designing. Finding the right vector for you, however, is a completely different matter, and can sometimes take just as long as creating a vector image yourself! That's why in this post we have rounded up a total of over 400 retro-themed vector images which you can use in your own projects.

When creating larger vector illustrations such as t-shirt designs or large poster advertisements, it is sometimes beneficial to use stock images for part of the design, rather than creating something entirely from scratch. It can save many hours, giving you much more time to focus on more important aspects of the composition. Making use of the hundreds of free and reasonably priced vector images out there will not only allow you to spend the saved time on the design itself, but can also allow you to finish the project in a shorter period of time, freeing up more time for yourself to start your next project or to simply relax!

Free Retro Vectors

A selection of free retro vector image packs, ranging from vintage boomboxes, floral background patterns and disco balls.

Boomboxes (21 Vectors)

Floral Pattern (1 Vector)

Retro Polka Dots (1 Vector)

Pattern Set 1 (26 Vectors)

Pattern Set 2 (20 Vectors)

Vintage Radio (1 Vector)

Retro Art (8 Vectors)

Retro Electric Tower (1 Vector)

Fifties Cadillac Pattern (1 Vector)

Vintage Music (5 Vectors)

Television Pack (6 Vectors)

Retro Flower Pattern (1 Vector)

Retro Background (1 Vector)

Cool Curly Patterns (1 Vector)

Vintage Train (10 Vectors)

Vector Pack: Tres (30 Vectors)

Vector Pack 5 (25 Vectors)

Peacock Vanity (1 Vector)

Purple Disco Ball (1 Vector)

Premium Retro Vectors

A great selection of premium retro vectors, all of which are very reasonably priced. The vectors featured below are listed at popular sites such as GoMedia, Vecteezy and GraphicRiver.

Linework Vector Pack (49 Vectors - $19.99 USD)

Arabesque Vector Pack (24 Vectors - $19.99 USD)

Color Radials Vector Pack (32 Vectors - $19.99 USD)

Vintage Elements Vector Pack (37 Vectors - $19.99 USD)

Tileable Retro Patterns (6 Vectors - $5.00 USD)

Retro-Style Pink Background (1 Vector - $3.00 USD)

Retro Flower Pattern (1 Vector - $3.00 USD)

Retro Honeycomb Pattern (1 Vector - $3.00 USD)

Retro Pin Badges (12 Vectors - $7.00 USD)

Retro Flower Pattern (1 Vector - $4.00 USD)

1950s Glossy Retro Jukebox (1 Vector - $4.00 USD)

Retro Background (1 Vector - $4.00 USD)

American Retro Car (1 Vector - $4.00 USD)

Retro Clock (1 Vector - $5.00 USD)

Retro Sci-Fi Pattern (1 Vector - $3.00 USD)

Disco Wave (1 Vector - $3.00 USD)

Seamless Pattern (1 Vector - $4.00 USD)

Golden Vintage Labels (9 Vectors - $4.00 USD)

Vintage Brown Labels (9 Vectors - $4.00 USD)

Red Vintage Labels (8 Vectors - $4.00 USD)

Vintage Silver Labels (8 Vectors - $4.00 USD)

Vintage Silver Labels (11 Vectors - $4.00 USD)

Vintage Floral Decorations (4 Vectors - $4.00 USD)

Vintage Labels (9 Vectors - $4.00 USD)

Retro Flowers (18 Vectors - $3.99 USD)

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