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After three weeks in beta of ironing out some crinkles and prepping the site, I'm proud to announce that the latest Envato website - ThemeForest - is now out of the beta wilderness and ready for buying, selling, referring and viewing.

What is it?

ThemeForest is a marketplace for buying and selling HTML/CSS Site Templates and Themes for CMS' like WordPress and Joomla. Files sell for between $10 and $75 and as of the time of writing we have an early library of about 70 files, which I'm sure will grow fast!

ThemeForest runs off the same system as our other marketplaces FlashDen and AudioJungle, so any of the 70,000 odd current members are free to use their accounts across the three sites and everything will work as if you are logged into the same site thanks to some ruby magic from our crack dev team. If you're new to the marketplaces, signup only takes a minute or two, so come on down!

If you're planning on becoming an author, you'll be interested to see our Launch Competition to win 1 of 3 Apple HD Displays.

Authors Earn 25-50%

Authors earn a base rate of 25%, which quickly jumps to 35% if you agree to keep the items you place on ThemeForest exclusively on ThemeForest, and then climbs up to 50%. Because we do a lot of marketing, these percentages can yield a very significant amount. However if you're able to do our job for us and bring in the traffic as well as provide the files, then we'll give up our half as well, because referrers earn 50%...

Referrers Earn 50%

We have a very strong referral program in place where affiliates take half of a new buyers first deposit. Moreover a new referral clicking on your link has 3 months to signup and purchase. What all that means is it's a good time to be a referrer, because nobody has visited the new site yet, so early referrers will wind up with lots of new visitors with their cookies in place. :-)

Buyers, visit our Top Sellers List

Although it's early days for our file library, buyers can check out our Popular Files list to see some of the items that have been selling well during the Beta. I strongly encourage you to bookmark the site or subscribe to the new file RSS feeds, because the library is going to get a whole lot more extensive!

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