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The Top Character and Creature Illustration Tutorials and Articles on VECTORTUTS

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Character and Creature Illustration is filled with creative energy, quirkiness, and plenty of space for you to express yourself. It requires illustrative skills, which most of the tutorials on VECTORTUTS are dedicated to teaching. Now if your looking to refine your skills with making either cute characters or scary creatures, then we have quite a few articles and tutorials on the site. We'll be publishing more in the future as well.

Top Tutorials and Articles

  • New PLUS Tutorial - The Creation of a Winged Vector Monster

    We recently launched the VECTORTUTS PLUS section of the site. We have another great PLUS tutorial exclusively available to members today. If you're looking for a workflow that demonstrates how to professionally take a monster sketch through to detailed completion, then this tutorial is for you.

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  • 70 Cute and Cheeky Vector Animal Characters

    This collection of 70 cute and cheeky vector animal characters provides a roundup of some fantastic fauna-based illustrations from across the web. We've got everything from bears to beavers to... well, weird—and strangely fat—Japanese-style bunnies.

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  • Create a Super Happy Octopus Character

    In Illustrator it's really easy to create fun characters with some simple shapes and the Pathfinder Panel. In the following tutorial I will explain how to create a Happy Octopus Character. You can use these techniques and elements to create whatever character you want!

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  • Maintaining Rhythm and Flow in Vector Character Design

    Rather than working rigidly and formulaic, it is more rewarding to produce art in a pliable and organic manner. As an animator, I strive to preserve and push rhythm and flow in design. Let's review some helpful approaches.

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  • 30 Kick-Ass Vector Based T-Shirts from Top Designers

    This collection of 30 stunning T-Shirt designs is an inspirational roundup of examples from some of the best names in the apparel world, each with their own unique take on vector illustration and design. Some Monstrous illustrations are found in this article.

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  • Create a Twitter Style Bird Mascot

    Using some basic shapes, effects, and gradients I will show you how to create a Twitter mascot for your blog or website. Twitter is a popular free web service for social networking and micro-blogging. You can follow Vectips, Sean Hodge, or Collis Ta'eed on Twitter as well!

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  • 30 Cool Vector Illustrated Skateboard Decks

    The vector format is perfect for design because of its scalability. A small doodle can be stretched to fit a poster, or an even more unusual shape... like a skateboard deck. Long the home of innovative and sometimes controversial designs, skateboard decks make a statement about their owner. Plenty of these are character based.

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