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The Stunning Paintings of John Barry Ballaran

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Today we are featuring the art of Filipino digital artist John Barry Ballaran. His stunning digital paintings feature a wide variety of themes ranging from super heroes to cyber punk monsters. Let's take a look.


This portrait of a popular superhero captures all of his emotion perfectly.


This stunning painting features a monumental battle sequence that encompasses a lot of interesting scenery.


This piece features a gruesome looking hunter that has just caught his prey. The detail in the character is fantastic.

Venom Within

Here is some Spiderman fan art that features a hybrid character who is part Carnage and part Spiderman.

Reinforcing General Prealus

This piece features some interesting looking Sci-fi characters in the middle of a war.

Perseus Faces The Kraken

Another Steampunk painting that was made for a CGTalk contest.

Mud Blood Steel

Another war inspired painting that was made for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 2 art book.

Mr. Raven

A very ominous painting of Mr. Raven, another character that is well developed with a rattling expression.

Life Colossus

This piece was made for Rifts Create a Colossus contest featured on DeviantArt.


Another horror inspired painting, it was created for the Silent Hill Downpour contest.


Here is some fan art from the Assassins Creed universe featuring its main character Ezio.

Engkanto Encounter

A mesmerizing fantasy painting created for CGhub's Natives of the Lifeless Forest Challenge.

Death Colossus

Another entry to Rifts Create a Colossus contest, this time it features the Death Colossus.


This painting of a Vatican cardinal once again shows John's talent for detail and expression in his work.

Bad Hatter

The Mad hatter is painted here for the Picture Yourself in Wonderland contest.

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