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The Remarkable Photo Manipulations of Jan Oliehoek

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Jan Oliehoek is a photo manipulator based in The Netherlands who has a talent for combining and manipulating photos in a fun and creative way. Let's take a look!


Zebra Frog

In this image, Oliehoek combined a zebra with a frog.

Baby Dragon

In this image, a baby dragon rests on someone's finger tips.


In this image Oliehoek combines a duck with a rat.

Hippo Frog

This macro photo of a frog was combined with a hippo.


In this image, a frog was crossed with a cat.

Frog Hippo

In this image, another frog was crossed with a hippo.

Cyborg Skull


Chestnut Eye

This image combines a chestnut with an eyeball.

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