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The New Freebies Section is Looking Fabulous

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We recently kicked off Psdtuts+ V4, which launched some refinements to the theme of the site, and we also have some new sections. One of those is the Freebies Section. Check it out if you haven't yet, as it's growing quickly. Also, here is a quick link if your looking to Submit a Freebie. Let's take a look at some of the first additions to this new feature of Psdtuts+.

Sidewalk Series Vol. 2 Oil Stains

In creating this series, the artist was "immediately drawn to all the cracks, stains, and spots on the sidewalk and in the street." This is Sidewalk Series Vol. 2 Oil Stains of the series titled "Oil Stains." They are just that, 10 high resolution grungy concrete stains.


T9 Dirty Brushes

David Leggett of Tutorial 9 put together a set of T9 Dirty Brushes. They are a cool set of dirty brushes. Use them to add some urban flare to your digital creations, build powerful graphics, or whatever else you wish to use them for.


Hyper Brushes

This is a very cool set of Hyper Brushes. One of the Psdtuts+ readers Koko states in a comment, "Those are awesome, gonna use them in some artworks - im sure of this."


Urban Floral

Grab a set of Urban Floral brushes for some really cool effects. Craigsnedeker states in a comment, "Wickedness brushes!! Great work. Thanks for this."


Freebie Paper Texture Images

And you thought we were just going to do brushes. While our form is currently set up to promote Photoshop brushes as freebies, we'll certainly look at other types as well, like these great paper textures from PSDFAN. Freebie Paper Texture Images


How to Contribute Freebies

On the Freebies page you can see the Submit button below. Clicking on that brings you to the Submit a Freebie Page of the About Section. From there you can click on the Submit Your Work Link. This brings you to the Freebie Submission Form. It's currently set up to accept Photoshop Brush Pack designs, though we'll accept other Photoshop related freebies as well. Have fun and I look forward to reviewing more great submissions!

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