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The Must-Have Adobe Photoshop Assets for Designers and Digital Artists

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There are so many tools and assets designers and artists can add to their virtual toolbox that it's hard to know where to begin! Stop the guessing game and check out this must-have list of fantastic and fun digital assets from Envato Market and Envato Elements for Adobe Photoshop users everywhere. From actions to textures, you'll never know what the next job calls for, so take this list for a spin!

Actions: Photo Effects

First up in this list: Adobe Photoshop Actions. Below you'll find photo effect actions that are perfect for designs and artists alike. Whether you want to run through several images for a shop or a client's website, using actions to apply elegant or unique photo effects will speed up your process or even inspire other creative endeavors!

ModernArt Photoshop Action

I love the look of quick, sketchy photo effects. These are especially great for showing the use of a gallery web theme or similar content to prospective clients. Make quick work of transforming stock images in a template or your own images in a marketing campaign.

ModernArt Photoshop ActionModernArt Photoshop ActionModernArt Photoshop Action

Shimmer Photoshop Action

For a bokeh-esque photo effect that's fantastic for even fliers and marketing campaigns, this shimmer photo effect makes transforming photos easy.

Shimmer Photoshop ActionShimmer Photoshop ActionShimmer Photoshop Action

Bi Exposure Action

Combine photos in a trendy, double-exposure style quickly and easily with this photo effect action. Whether you're designing a marketing blast or an event flier, this action keeps your content on point.

Bi Exposure ActionBi Exposure ActionBi Exposure Action

Energy Photoshop Action

This energy-inspired photo effect is fantastic for event fliers, advertisements, and more. Easily turn sports figures or dancers into superheroes with the click of a button.

Energy Photoshop ActionEnergy Photoshop ActionEnergy Photoshop Action

PolyEx Photoshop Action

Take your love of geometric shapes to the next level! This high-energy Photoshop action allows you to fill in your subject with any color, and then play the action for an incredible geometric result. Experiment on portraits and landscape photography for a unique effect!

PolyEx Photoshop ActionPolyEx Photoshop ActionPolyEx Photoshop Action

Flex Photoshop Action

Flex your ferocious power with this insane Photoshop action. In two simple steps, this action helps you create an awesome masterpiece inspired by traditional art. Create a pencil sketch that glows with fiery colors with this amazing action.

Flex Photoshop ActionFlex Photoshop ActionFlex Photoshop Action

Type01 Photoshop Action

Are you a fan of impressive typography? Then you'll definitely love this action! Explore the endless possibilities with an action that adds bold typography to your photos. Simply fill in your subject and press play! Watch the magic unfold to reveal a gorgeous work of art in seconds!

Type01 Photoshop ActionType01 Photoshop ActionType01 Photoshop Action

Glitch Photoshop Action

Glitch photo effects are a popular trend in the industry today. They simulate old-school TV glitches known for distorting any subject on the screen. And you can achieve that incredible glitch look with this phenomenal action. Included is a one-click action with all the adjustment settings you need for a fantastic result!

Glitch Photoshop ActionGlitch Photoshop ActionGlitch Photoshop Action

Soft Focus Photoshop Action

Create the dreamy look of soft-focus photography with this helpful action. Simply brush over the area where you would like to apply the effect and presto! Instantly blur any background while adding gorgeous bokeh spots for that extra special touch.

Soft Focus Photoshop ActionSoft Focus Photoshop ActionSoft Focus Photoshop Action

Actions: Text Effects

Our next little list of Adobe Photoshop Actions covers text effects! Transform content for web templates, advertising and marketing, and more in the click of a button! All of these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to text effects, and may inspire you to create and save some of your own.

3D Text Effects Vol.2

This is just one of many fantastic sets of eye-catching 3D text effects with a variety of looks, from rocks to wood and more. This set allows you to spend more time designing and less time working out how to transform type into something fun and artistic.

3D Text Effects Vol23D Text Effects Vol23D Text Effects Vol2

VHS - RGB Glitch Text Effect

Walk down memory lane with this VHS glitch-inspired text effect. I love fun actions like these for event fliers, posters, and marketing campaigns. With nineties nostalgia in full swing, having a text effect like this in your arsenal is a must.

VHS - RGB Glitch Text EffectVHS - RGB Glitch Text EffectVHS - RGB Glitch Text Effect

14 Retro / Vintage Text Effects V.2

For a text effect bundle that's focused on vintage styles in its entirety, these actions fit the bill brilliantly. Make quick work of applying professional and complex vintage-inspired design styles to any text or even logotypes.

14 Retro  Vintage Text Effects V214 Retro  Vintage Text Effects V214 Retro  Vintage Text Effects V2

Game Logo Text Effects

If you're still feeling a little nostalgic then dive into this wicked collection of text effects inspired by old-school video games. Explore 12 unique effects as well as fully editable vector backgrounds you can customize yourself. Download today to get started on your next video game logo!

Game Logo Text EffectsGame Logo Text EffectsGame Logo Text Effects

Retro Text Effects V01

Enjoy the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip with this vibrant collection of retro text effects. Designed to reflect iconic eras in typography and design, this set includes 10 Photoshop files with seven colors you can easily adjust. Works best in CS6 and even includes a help file for more instruction.

Retro Text Effects V01Retro Text Effects V01Retro Text Effects V01

I ♥ Sweaters - Smart Knitted Effect

Each day, talented designers come up with new ways to create impressive text effects. And you can achieve the glorious look of a realistic knit sweater with this fuzzy set. Create a realistic sweater text effect with premade patterns and graphic elements you can easily adjust.

I  Sweaters - Smart Knitted EffectI  Sweaters - Smart Knitted EffectI  Sweaters - Smart Knitted Effect

3D Metal & Gold Effects

Create phenomenally bold text with this set of exquisite gold and metal effects. Great for beginners to 3D design, you can achieve an instant 3D effect while applying your favorite metal texture. Experiment with beautiful colors like silver, rose gold, and more for a stunning header design.

3D Metal  Gold Effects3D Metal  Gold Effects3D Metal  Gold Effects

Actions: Utilities

Generate a variety of effects and content quickly and easily with Adobe Photoshop Utilities. I love these for fun content like map generators or presentation materials.

Isometric Ground Mock-UP Actions

This utility is such a fun and cool way to present portfolio content or even create isometric designs for various projects. Add some depth and dimension into your work without leaving the familiarity of Adobe Photoshop.

Isometric Ground Mock-UP ActionsIsometric Ground Mock-UP ActionsIsometric Ground Mock-UP Actions

POP-UP Book Maker

Whether you're proposing illustrated content to a publisher or client in pop-up book form and need a quick and tangible way to do so, or just want to wow your clients or portfolio visitors with something fun, this pop-up book maker is a fun and fantastic utility to have in your actions toolbox.

POP-UP Book MakerPOP-UP Book MakerPOP-UP Book Maker

Seamless Identity for Facebook

Make quick work of compiling brand and identity for yourself or clients with a seamless cover and profile picture maker for Facebook. Spend more time working on other projects rather than wasting time aligning and planning out your Facebook page's cover image.

Seamless Identity for FacebookSeamless Identity for FacebookSeamless Identity for Facebook

APP Icons Generator Vol. 1

Create stunning app icons in a matter of seconds with this awesome icon generator. Designed with unique, high-quality styles that are perfect for your next project, enjoy 14 kinds of frameworks with 15 basic textures to choose from. Also included are additional social media icons for your convenience.

APP Icons Generator vol 1APP Icons Generator vol 1APP Icons Generator vol 1

Realistic Embroidery 2 - Photoshop Actions

We don't always have time for the hobbies we love most. And that's where amazing Photoshop actions come into play. Achieve incredible realism with this stunning embroidery action. This set includes four different actions with three unique materials for a variety of effects!

Realistic Embroidery 2 - Photoshop ActionsRealistic Embroidery 2 - Photoshop ActionsRealistic Embroidery 2 - Photoshop Actions

Animated Glitch - Photoshop Action

Generate the look of an animated glitch effect with this super cool Photoshop action! Great for low-resolution content like GIF animations and banners, this download includes 12 color options that are fully editable for a non-destructive result.

Animated Glitch - Photoshop ActionAnimated Glitch - Photoshop ActionAnimated Glitch - Photoshop Action


Similar to actions but entirely based on Layer Styles, this content will speed up your design process without making you wait for steps to run and your computer to catch up. From text effects to fun app styles, have fun and explore your layer style options!

Ultimate Text Effect Collection

From metallic to vintage styles, alter your text in a polished and professional way easily with this huge bundle of text effects.

 Ultimate Text Effect Collection Ultimate Text Effect Collection Ultimate Text Effect Collection

Cartoon Text Effects

Keep things fun and fancy with these cartoon text effects. Bam, pow, and wow your clients with fantastic text effects perfect for posters, fliers, and more!

Cartoon Text EffectsCartoon Text EffectsCartoon Text Effects

30 App Icon Styles

Transform icons and logotypes quickly and easily into 30 different styles. From long shadows to stickers and more, this set is a fantastic way to quickly refresh any icon set.

30 App Icon Styles30 App Icon Styles30 App Icon Styles

Vintage Comic Creator

Another fun style bundle, this one transforms text and other content into vintage-styled comics. Textures and styles based on and created from real comics pack this bundle with a nostalgic look that'll transport you to an old comic and card shop instantly.

Vintage Comic CreatorVintage Comic CreatorVintage Comic Creator

80's Style Text Mockups V1

Travel back in time to the bright neon lights of the eighties. This awesome set of Photoshop layer styles allows you to create a retro 80's text effect in no time at all. Enjoy 18 total Photoshop files with unique styles available in various colors for an interesting spin on a header or logo.

80s Style Text Mockups V1 80s Style Text Mockups V1 80s Style Text Mockups V1

Pro 3D Text Mockups

Create gorgeous 3D typography with this amazing set of pro layer styles. This set includes four different styles that work great at 300 dpi. Also included is an easy-to-follow help file as well as simple backgrounds you can easily adjust.

Pro 3D Text MockupsPro 3D Text MockupsPro 3D Text Mockups

Vintage Black and White Styles

The beautiful aesthetics of vintage typography will never go out of style. And you can enjoy these effects yourself with this incredible set of vintage black and white layer styles. With just one click, you'll be one step closer to vintage effects in no time at all!

Vintage Black and White StylesVintage Black and White StylesVintage Black and White Styles

I ♥ Concrete - Styles for Photoshop

Achieve that realistic concrete look with this set of graphic styles. Simply add your text or logo into the designated smart objects and presto! You've got an instant concrete look. Choose from three different concrete textures to get the final look you desire.

I  Concrete - Smart Object Styles for PhotoshopI  Concrete - Smart Object Styles for PhotoshopI  Concrete - Smart Object Styles for Photoshop


Whether you're touching up a photo or creating a lovely digital painting, brushes are a must for every designer and artist. From special effects to realistic media, you'll find several must-haves in the list below.

Watercolor Splash Brushes

Add a literal splash of color with these watercolor splash brushes. Whether you're creating fun typographic designs or marketing materials, they mimic real media wonderfully without your having to break out paint.

Watercolor Splash BrushesWatercolor Splash BrushesWatercolor Splash Brushes

Bokeh Brushes

Apply a bokeh effect manually to photographs and other images with these dreamy bokeh brushes. Also fantastic for creating abstract backgrounds and other content.

Bokeh BrushesBokeh BrushesBokeh Brushes

Smoke Brushes

Realistic brushes like this smoke effect set are wonderful for adding effects to photographs or other media. Much like the other textured brushes above, they also work wonderfully for creating textures within digital paintings.

Smoke BrushesSmoke BrushesSmoke Brushes

Brush Pack Professional Volume 4 - Classic Art

This huge set of realistic media brushes is fantastic for adding a real media touch to your design work or creating beautiful digital drawings. With everything from ink pens to markers to watercolor brushes, this set is one of the best around.

Brush Pack Professional volume 4 - Classic ArtBrush Pack Professional volume 4 - Classic ArtBrush Pack Professional volume 4 - Classic Art

30 Fire & Flame Brushes

Have some more fun with realistic photo brushes like this flame and fire set. Whether you're editing photographs or creating digital paintings, a set like this gives you fantastic texture options.

30 Fire  Flame Brushes30 Fire  Flame Brushes30 Fire  Flame Brushes

Coffee Stain Brushes (90×)

With 90 brushes in this set, you will find nearly every coffee stain ring or splash at the ready in glorious high resolution and perfect for print design and more.

Coffee Stain Brushes 90Coffee Stain Brushes 90Coffee Stain Brushes 90

Graffiti Brushes

From spray paint to scribbled textures, this bundle of brushes is fantastic for adding a graffiti-inspired style to your design work and other digital projects. Transform original artwork into a graffiti-like piece or add some texture to a poster or flier design for a music event.

Graffiti BrushesGraffiti BrushesGraffiti Brushes

51 Handcrafted Watercolor Brushes

Add a handcrafted touch to your projects with this set of 51 watercolor brushes. Perfect for posters and marketing campaigns, these brushes mimic the look of real media without requiring expert painting skills.

51 Handcrafted Watercolor Brushes51 Handcrafted Watercolor Brushes51 Handcrafted Watercolor Brushes

Gouache & Acrylic Photoshop Brushes

Nab yourself a set of gouache and acrylic-styled brushes for some fantastically textured brushes that make quick work of sketching with pressure-sensitive graphics tablets.

Gouache  Acrylic Photoshop BrushesGouache  Acrylic Photoshop BrushesGouache  Acrylic Photoshop Brushes

30 Particle Brushes

Transform your content into vintage-inspired images with this set of 30 particle brushes. These brushes also work well for mimicking lighting effects, displacement effects, and more!

30 Particle Brushes30 Particle Brushes30 Particle Brushes

Nebula Photoshop Brushes

Create the fantastic look of space with this beautiful set of nebula brushes. The textures of these brushes work perfectly for creating grunge, watercolor, and other similar creations if you paint digitally as well. So get started on your next space painting today!

Nebula Photoshop BrushesNebula Photoshop BrushesNebula Photoshop Brushes

Lens Flare & Stars Photoshop Brushes

When you're finished creating space, add these stunning lens flare and star brushes to the mix! This set includes 42 brilliant brushes that are super easy to use. Great for any luxurious texture, add a bit of sparkle to your work by downloading these brushes today!

Lens Flare  Stars Photoshop BrushesLens Flare  Stars Photoshop BrushesLens Flare  Stars Photoshop Brushes

40 Halftone Illustration Brushes for Photoshop

Need inspiration? Then give this pack of halftone Photoshop brushes a try! This pack features 40 different halftone illustration brushes perfect for the budding comic artist. Simply paint over the area where you would like the halftone shading to appear, and create amazing results in seconds!

40 Halftone Illustration Brushes for Photoshop40 Halftone Illustration Brushes for Photoshop40 Halftone Illustration Brushes for Photoshop

Natural Shades Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

The key to a successful digital painting is knowing how to shade your illustrations properly. And you can add a beautiful touch of texture to your work with this set of natural shade brushes. Great for portraits, landscapes, and so much more, let your imagination run wild with this incredible brush set!

Natural Shades Brushes for Adobe PhotoshopNatural Shades Brushes for Adobe PhotoshopNatural Shades Brushes for Adobe Photoshop

50 Carbon Pattern

This set of 50 patterns is perfect for adding an industrial or metal-style edge to your work. Whether you need a pattern for print media or web media, these patterns are seamless and ready to go.

50 Carbon Pattern50 Carbon Pattern50 Carbon Pattern

Smart Noise Patterns

This set of patterns is made up of easily editable smart objects. It's perfect for adding noise with predictable results, allowing for control and speed while designing so you can create the content you want.

Smart Noise PatternsSmart Noise PatternsSmart Noise Patterns

Glitter Pack

Make your content sparkle with a glitter texture pack. Perfect for holiday fliers or marketing throughout the year.

Glitter PackGlitter PackGlitter Pack

Blackboard Patterns

Class is certainly in session with this gorgeous set of blackboard patterns. A digital mix of realistic textures with varying chalk dust, this pack includes nine non-seamless blackboard patterns. Great for wedding invites and more, explore endless possibilities for a traditional blackboard result.

Blackboard PatternsBlackboard PatternsBlackboard Patterns

15 Grunge Patterns

Adding unique textures to your designs is one great way to boost visual impact. And you can achieve this easily with this set of grunge patterns. This download includes 15 handcrafted grunge patterns to decorate your designs.

15 Grunge Patterns15 Grunge Patterns15 Grunge Patterns

Wine Patterns

Sit back and relax with a glass of red wine and this delicious pattern. This pattern can be easily deconstructed to create the style you would like. Experiment with different graphics and more to achieve a beautiful design you'll want to toast to!

Wine PatternsWine PatternsWine Patterns

Vibrant Watercolor Patterns

Or stand out with this eclectic mix of watercolor patterns. Choose from 30 different vector patterns that have been carefully handcrafted and digitized for your convenience. Create original designs that are definitely like no other with this amazing pattern set!

Vibrant Watercolor PatternsVibrant Watercolor PatternsVibrant Watercolor Patterns


Our final section covers Shapes. This is fun, pre-made content that will allow you to add and edit decorative buttons, banners, and other elements to your work as easily as working with vector assets.

890 Handwritten Shapes - Bundle

For a handmade touch, this massive bundle of 890 shapes fits almost any need you have for decorative borders, badges, ornaments, and more!

890 Handwritten Shapes - Bundle890 Handwritten Shapes - Bundle890 Handwritten Shapes - Bundle

135 Insignia, Badge and Logo Custom PSD Shapes

Focusing on badge creation or need something quick and easy to add to your content? Look no further than this set of 135 elements perfect for a quick logo template.

135 Insignia Badge and Logo Custom PSD Shapes135 Insignia Badge and Logo Custom PSD Shapes135 Insignia Badge and Logo Custom PSD Shapes

120 Handwritten Decorative Shapes 01

What I love about hand-drawn shape sets is that each set is as different and unique as everyone's personal handwriting. This set is perfect for a sketchy, rougher shape style when creating content with a handmade touch.

120 Handwritten Decorative Shapes 01120 Handwritten Decorative Shapes 01120 Handwritten Decorative Shapes 01

Laurel Wreath Photoshop Custom Shapes

Keep focus with small sets of shapes. Laurel wreaths are perfect for quick logotype and packaging concepts.

Laurel Wreath Photoshop Custom ShapesLaurel Wreath Photoshop Custom ShapesLaurel Wreath Photoshop Custom Shapes

77 Monogram Frame Custom Shapes

For a classy touch to blog templates, stationery, and more, this set of elegant monogram frames comes with multiple document types and 77 distinct frame styles in total. 

77 Monogram Frame Custom Shapes77 Monogram Frame Custom Shapes77 Monogram Frame Custom Shapes

Sunbursts Shapes Vol.1

Sunburst shapes are almost iconic in the design industry. And you can choose from 24 incredible sunburst shapes that are all resizable in Adobe Photoshop. Change the colors easily to enjoy an incredible sunburst result.

Sunbursts Shapes Vol1Sunbursts Shapes Vol1Sunbursts Shapes Vol1

Hand Painted Photo Mask Shapes

Create a gorgeous photo effect with a unique hand painted mask. This set includes 30 photo mask shapes that were each painted by hand. Upgrade your designs to a whole new level with traditional hand painted masks for more edge.

Hand Painted Photo Mask ShapesHand Painted Photo Mask ShapesHand Painted Photo Mask Shapes

3D Golden Shapes Volume 1

Since geometric designs are the current rage, why not add a bit of gold to the mix? These high-resolution shapes feature 30 designs ranging from simple lines to incredible 3D shapes. Create a fantastic background texture or brilliant geometric poster using these remarkable shapes.

3D Golden Shapes Volume 13D Golden Shapes Volume 13D Golden Shapes Volume 1

Wreath Shapes Vol.1

Need a beautiful wreath fast? Then enjoy this pack of 24 wreath shapes for Adobe Photoshop. Use them as creative elements in your designs or to highlight your logos with style. Keep the shapes as is, or change them easily with the help of Adobe Illustrator.

Wreath Shapes Vol1Wreath Shapes Vol1Wreath Shapes Vol1


This list of fantastic resources aims to highlight useful and must-have content for graphic designers and artists who use Adobe Photoshop. Chances are we've missed some Envato Market and Envato Elements items that you think would be an excellent asset to any graphic designer's toolbox. Share those links in the comment section below, and let this kit be a jumping-off point for building your ultimate digital asset kit.

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