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The Incredible Digital Artwork of Julie Dillon

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Today we're bringing you the beautiful digital artwork of Californian artist, Julie Dillon. Her surrealistic art encompasses a profound execution of incredible composition and color. Enjoy her amazing work below!


This Alice In Wonderland adaptation is a vibrant painting that draws the viewer into the center of the story's madness.

The Lion and The Unicorn

You can really feel the great stature of the lion and unicorn in this second Alice In Wonderland inspired piece.

Specimens: Glowfrogge

Julie really manages to make this frog come alive in this painting, which is a part of a series of colorful Steampunk creatures she's created.


Honeycomb is a surrealistic painting with incredibly fluid fabric details and an intriguing scene that continues on behind the subject.

Life in Motion

This colorful painting landed Julie a first place win for an art.com contest. By now you may be able to admire her interesting pattern of painting with a strong influence of circular and warped compositions. This technique truly brings immense life to her work.

Planetary Alignment

Notice how Julie's work has a profound understanding of foreground, middle ground, and background like in this piece. Looking beyond the subject you can always find wonderful detail in the background which really sets the viewer in the world she has painted.


Exodus is an explosive Sci-Fi album cover of a major attack upon a city.


Migration has an incredibly eerie feel to it with a great sense of movement. Julie's attention to lighting and composition has created a painting that can leave the viewer uncomfortable yet intrigued.


This painting is another that encompasses that warped feeling of the environment. The intense colors make this further impacting as a dark piece.


This stunning surrealistic painting is another intensely colorful piece full of impact and detail.


Surface reminds me of those great foreign horror films that creep us all out with their uncomfortable concepts.

Artificial Dream

Artificial Dream is an intriguing painting with great attention to detail in the textures and construction of the mechanical pieces.

Champion of the Rose

This painting is the lovely book cover for author Andrea K Höst. Again, Julie never forgets about her background elements, creating an all around enticing scene.


Julie's skill in composition really show through her work for Cormorant's new album cover Metazoa. From the jellyfish and fish on the bottom

Sea, Sun, Stars

This vibrant surrealistic painting is the last of Julie's paintings for the year of 2011. I look forward to seeing what she has for us in 2012!

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