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The Fantastic World of Warcraft Illustrations of Dan Scott

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Dan Scott is a digital painter and concept artist from Kansas City, Missouri, USA. He has painted pieces for DC Comics, Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer, and World of Warcraft. In this article we will feature some of our favorite World of Warcraft concepts from his portfolio. Let's take a look!

Scout Kurgo

Harnum Firebelly

Landro Longshot

Zophos the Vengeful

Inventor Dorbin Callus

Blessings of the Heavens


Shalu Stormshatter

Ryno the Wicked

Beast Within, The

Defender Nagalaas

Enslave Demon


Exarch Orelis


Remba, Abbess of Ash

Squish Together

Marksman Boriz

Izza Spindleflame



Snarl Hellwind

Pidge Filthfinder

Natural Alignment Crystal

Dan Scott On the Web

You can see more of Scott's work on his website.

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