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The Envato Incubator & Creattica Daily Launch


Here at Envato we have what we call 'the Incubator'. It's a part of the business that has a limited flow of money where we experiment with new sites and give things a try, even if it doesn't look like they have much chance of actually generating any revenue.

And I have the great fortune to be in charge of the Incubator, which is good because I spend most of my free time scheming up new site designs and ideas for sites anyway. Some of which are pretty dumb, but some of which turn out really well!

The TUTS sites that are now so popular, once began life in the Incubator, where they spent some 9 months losing money while we tried to figure out how to give them legs. These days, the TUTS sites are turning a profit, which means we've now got a very talented TUTS Manager, have been able to launch more sites and are busily working to improve and expand further. It also means that TUTS recently got the boot out of the Incubator!

Along with our marketplaces (FlashDen, AudioJungle, and ThemeForest), TUTS is now a full division of our business. Of course that means one very important thing - there's a big empty space in the Incubator!

The Creattica Project

So the Incubator is now working away on a new project called Creattica. It's a big plan that probably will be a big hole in the ground for us to throw money into, but boy it's going to be really, really cool. I don't want to give away too many details, but in the long run the site will become a big creative portal site.

We're launching the project piece by piece, the first of which is a simple creative news blog called Creattica Daily:

Creattica Daily quietly went live last Wednesday (on my birthday!) and is a frequently updated site of news and links about design and creativity. It's being written by the fabulous Niki Brown of Design'o'Blog and myself, and this Wednesday we have a new weekly comic strip debuting by NC Winters who draws the Freelance Freedom comics on FSw.

Coming Next: Creattica Sessions

The next site release in the Creattica project is going to be one that I know Psdtuts+ readers will enjoy. It's a sort of Creative TUTS, and will aim to teach different types of design skills with tutorials, articles, community projects and more. It's an ambitious project, so it'll be a couple more months of planning before we can release it, but you'll hear about it here and on Creattica Daily first!

In the meantime if design news is your cup of tea, pay a visit to Creattica Daily, bookmark it, subscribe to it, share it with your friends! Here at the Incubator we'll be working hard to build this into something to blow off all your socks!

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